Level index (for /m param): 048
City name on PC: Detroit
Map and level files (PC): map035.mad, c035l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 00
Citydrop code name: Harbinger
First objective: Neutralise all Eurocorp agents

(map048 Detroit)

PC Briefing

Blessings, Disciple.

Your mission is to take control of a substation belonging to EuroCorp's UTOPIA network. It is situated in Detroit. When we have it, the Cataclysm will begin.

Delivered unto you this day is the automorphic computer virus which will end the tyranny the Syndicate calls UTOPIA. We have named this virus Harbinger and it will snatch control from the Syndicate, computer by computer, preparing the way for the enlightenment to follow.

Lead your Acolytes into the Detroit UTOPIA ground station, in order that we may release the virus. The Syndicate operatives who guard the station will not be expecting force, because none has been used for years. This is our advantage.

Blessed be.


The non-believers climbed for days to confront the master in the mountains. "Where do you get your so-called faith?" they asked.

"You brought it," the master replied. "You've all climbed so high."

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Start in the preparation screen by selecting Briefing. Although you have some money at your disposal, don't bother buying Miniguns just yet.

Take control of a Eurocorp Sub station in Detroit. Once you have secured it, release the Automorphic computer Virus Harbinger into their systems, to prepare the way to the Cataclysm.

Once your agents come into view, press the select button to activate them all. You will know they are activated when their numbers are dark blue. Use the triangle button to scroll around the map, and locate your targets signified by a flashing orange dot on the miniature map screen. Hold square and press down to select the Uzi with your leading agent. Press right to equip the Uzi on all your agents. Use the D-pad to move your agents, and proceed to the orange flashing lights or your targets.

Now you have to get inside the Eurocorp compound. To do this, you need a car.

Hijack a car in one of the parking lots, by moving your agents into it and press R2 and up to board it. Then press triangle and move the cursor to the Eurocorp building, the one with the remaining orange lights, and press triangle again in an open space. The car will drive to the location you picked. Once inside the compound, press R2 and down to exit. Now kill all the Eurocorp agents in the facility. With that done, locate the bunker marked by the flashing light on the map, and go inside. Then, depart to the escape point signified by the flashing light by using the green armored vehicle nearby.


Well done, first mission completed successfully. You will notice that you received no income. That is because you are not paid for missions, the only way to accumulate money is to rob a bank, literally. If you look further down, it will show what items you have researched after this mission. You should have researched the explosive, which should help with your bank heists.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

Research choices

Here's a list of crucial research projects, which you should start just after finishing first mission.

Agent modifications are highly useful and should recieve a steady drip of funding, while the following weapons are also essential and should probably be researched in roughly this order:

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: Minigun, High Explosive

New weapons: None

Very basic mission. Nothing but UZIs on the level, no ambushes, very little opponents.

Tech ex machina

Even though the mission says Eliminate, persuading the targets works as well.

You were blessed by this premonition from Detroit episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point