Level index (for /m param): 038
City name on PC: Cape Town
Map and level files (PC): map044.mad, c044l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 10
Citydrop code name: EuroLore
First objective: Persuade Hexagon scientist

(map038 Cape Town)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Adelaide: Scientists traced.

Profound greetings.

London AI has been psych-profiling the message content of an increasing number of subversive broadcasts from Ko-Paull Vissick. His seminal message, sent on an open channel, clearly incited the Unguided to rise up, not only against the Syndicate, but also the Church of the New Epoch. Unfortunately, Vissick's invective was littered with prophecies of doom, indicating that his current state of mind is far from stable. He claimed, for example, that the Church of the New Epoch would bring about nothing less than Armageddon. I can only speculate as to how they're supposed to initiate global destruction.

Vissick's last assignment was so highly classified - and UTOPIA has been so desolated by the Harbinger virus - that information on the nature of his mission is sketchy. However, we know that he was working as part of a team of top researchers from Gel Data and The Hexagon Corporation on a project in Iceland. Jennifer Taks has given us the locations of Gel Data and Hexagon scientists in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Adelaide. Seek out and persuade these scientists at your discretion.

Good luck.


PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Cape Town: Persuade scientist

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Persuadertron, Launchers, Explosives

Guide: At the start, the area is swarming with punks and police, so be ready with LR Rifles, then Miniguns. Many punks are carrying explosives, so watch out for explosions after you kill them. Destroy the two police cars with launchers.

Once you've massacred the enemies in the vicinity, head north through the gap up the side of the Church base. Plant explosives to blow a hole in the middle of the east wall. Get launchers ready for a flying vehicle attack Enter the compound through the hole, then use LR Rifles to pick off all the Zealots, retreating through the hole if necessary. Only once they're all killed (including the ones by the gate), should you go and persuade the scientist. You'll then be able to escort him through the hole to the nearby IML Link without any further attacks.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Persuade scientist

[Profound greetings] Former Eurocorp researcher, Ko Paull Vissick, has been making subversive broadcasts, claiming that the Church of New Epoch will cause world destruction. His last mission was classified, but he was working with scientists from the hexagon corporation, one of these is in Cape Town. Persuade him, so we can learn more about Vissick.

Stick with the pulse lasers, but I guess now would be a good time to experiment with other weapons. Sell anything you don't need.

Once again the mission will begin showing the target you must persuade. Then you will be dropped off by a hover car. Wait for the Zealots on your right to approach, then kill them all, but be careful - they will drop explosives. Pick them up if you can. You should kill all the targets in the area before attempting to persuade the scientist. You wouldn't want him getting killed now, would you? After you have killed the first few Zealots, continue going right, until you see a dilapidated skyscraper. A fight should be occurring between Zealots and Militia. Let the Militia kill most of the Zealots, then join in on the action. Be cautious, the Militia will attack in some hover vehicles also.

With them destroyed, head down to where some church members are standing outside a vehicle. Attack them to initiate an attack by a bunch of church members and a hover vehicle. Kill them. Enter the vehicle the church members were standing outside, and use it to enter the Church of New Epoch compound on the far left of the map. When you arrive you, will be attacked by a whole load of church members and hover vehicles. Stand you ground and destroy them, then go down. Be careful, some of the church members have launchers, which you should pick up. Be careful when using these, they are as lethal to you as to your enemies. I recommend only equipping two at a time.

Kill all the church members on the bottom of the compound first. It's safer that way, then proceed to the top portion. Attack the two church members at the entrance, to trigger the rest to attack you. Kill them all, then persuade the scientist. Escort him to hq.


Unfortunately no income, as there was no bank in Cape Town. But you should have researched the Automedikit - nice.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Persuade scientist.


see REF 10 Santiago


This Mission will introduce the launchers but unfortunately not on your side. Because Unguideds start to close in on you when you are dropped, get into the small path near the entrance and stand ready with your long-range rifles. Shoot the Unguided as they appear. Some of them are carrying high explosives. The timer is triggered when an Unguided gets killed. Unfortunately for them, this will kill all other Unguideds that are in the neighbourhood (which can be about 15 if you are lucky).

Those explosions may already have made an entrance to our target area. If this is not the case, you can take one from the Unguided (or use one of your own) and place it at the guard tower near the street. The tower will collapse, and you can enter the area through the rubbish. The explosion also alarmed a Zealot car, so deal with it first before you enter the area.

Use the forced entrance path. 3 Zealots will come. Use your long-range rifles again. Two guards are standing on the "normal" entrance to the area. 2 Shots with your rifle and they are history before they even knew they were under attack.

Things seem to be clear now, but if you look through the entrance you can see another Zealot outside the area. He is carrying the launchers. Kill him with the long-range rifles but do not get outside the area. Note that Zealots with launchers are more protected against bullets, so it will take more long range rifle or minigun hits to kill him. It's necessary that you kill him now, because he would attack you as soon as you would have persuaded the scientist. Don't forget to pick up the launchers that he was carrying.

Persuade the scientist and escort him outside the area through our forced entrance. Three Zealots will come from outside the area, but you should be able to get at the IML link in time. One of the Zealots is carrying launchers, but if you are near the small, forced entrance-path he will kill himself as his rockets will explode against the wall.

When you are back to base, you will get the opportunity to research the launchers. Put a lot of money into it. It's worth the effort.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: Launcher

Possible loot: 1 Scientist, 4 Launchers

Mission peculiarity: Recurring if not completed

The Police have a couple of flying cars, but you shouldn't have much trouble with them. Most of the Police and the Unguided will slash each other.

To enter Zealot complex, it is best to destroy the wall with High Explosive. Good spot for the bomb is next to the Church, under the IML Station. And you don't even need a bomb - Unguided will walk towards you, and one or two of them will have the High Explosive equiped. Just go left to the edge of destroyable wall, and snipe them. Only rarely it happens that the specific Unguided you want, got handled by Police and won't come.

Go inside Zealot complex, and Gradually decrease their population. Handle the ones with Launchers first.

When the area is clear, perusade the Scientist.

At this point you can evacuate and it's over. But you do not want that. This is a special recurring levels - you can repeat it forever, as long as you never complete it. Each time you repeat it, you can get another Scientist. So pause the game and quit the mission. Not completing it will not affect further progress.

If you decide to complete the mission, just evacuate through the breach you prepared.

Additional hints

Besides using High Explosive, you can also enter zealot complex using Hoverbike or Cultist car. Though if you come close to the Cultist car, expect a Zealot ambush from nearby buildings.

Zealots on sides of the middle of 3 houses have High Explosive. There is one more with High Explosive, in a group which exits flying cars when you're near the detractable gate.

The Police doesn't fly randomly, they fly to places where something has happened, ie. someone got killed. So killing Unguided might attract their attention.

This is Cape Town AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Zealot flying cars

Zealots with Launchers

Best entrance to Zealot base



Hoverbike (empty)

Cultist Car (empty)

Zealot ambush