Level index (for /m param): 036
City name on PC: Tokyo
Map and level files (PC): map047.mad, c047l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 14
Citydrop code name: Deep Mind
First objective: Rescue professor Drennan

(map036 Tokyo)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Tokyo: Rescue Professor Drennan from the Cultists.

Bangkok: Escort the professor to the EuroCorp campus. Ensure the professor is returned to us unharmed.

Attention, Executive. Professor Drennan has been abducted. An imposter was able to evade my scans, kill Drennan's aide, and take her place for the duration of the lecture. The actual abduction occurred immediately after the meeting. The costly zealot raid was merely a diversionary tactic to cover the final phase of Drennan's abduction.

I am still tracking Drennan. He is being held in Tokyo. His UTOPIA chip has not been tampered with.
When you've freed the professor, guide him to safety. Our Bangkok operations centre is secure; take him there.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Tokyo: Rescue Professor Drennan from cultists

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Launchers, Explosives, Knockout Gas

Guide: You're attacked by a flying car at the start, so use Launchers to destroy it (if you're getting hammered, hide under a building till recovered). If you want some more cash, head towards the city bank and plant some explosives beneath it. Then leg it because the cops will arrive in force, including two flying cars. Use hit-and-run tactics, then return to the bank to pick up the loot.

Avoid the Unguided marching from north to south and stay away from the southeast corner of the city as it's crawling with Unguided, some armed with Launchers. Move your men to the west of the cult stronghold and shoot down the two flying vehicles. The Zealots will then pour out of the temple, so run for it (chuck a can of Knockout Gas if you like) and use Launchers and LR Rifles to snipe at them (activate supershields if they get too close, then leg it). When they're all dead, enter the temple (stay on the east side of the road to avoid the twin police laser turrets. Use LR Rifles to shoot any Zealots still inside, then rescue Drennan and head for the target IML Link.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Professor Kurt Drennan, our head of R&D, has been kidnapped by the Church of new epoch. We need him back.

Upon leaving hq, you will be attacked by a hover vehicle. Destroy it and look around the map, you will notice a huge Zealot movement on the main road, and guess what: you're going to have to kill every last one of them. Go to their location, even with body level 3 this fight will be tough. Kill as many as you can, then escape to recover. Then return and kill the rest. Search their bodies, one should have the most destructive explosive in the game - the cataclysm, now look around the map, you will see an uninhabited building is your target, but this is not where the professor is located. You must take him there. Follow the while wave on the map to a church compound to find him, but rob the bank first. Kill the police that accost you next go to the temple on the bottom left of the map, and kill the church members you meet there, then go to where the professor is located. Approach the facility and lure all the church members onto the streets, then blast them with the launchers. Run to reload, let them catch you and repeat the process. Now evade the two gatling guns outside the police station, walk to the professor and he will follow you. Walk carefully outside the compound, and walk slowly to hq. Avoid any remaining militia on the way.


The missions are getting way harder now. You should have amassed a huge income form the Tokyo bank, enough to upgrade a new agent if one got killed during the last mission, and you should have researched the stasis field.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Rescue professor Drennan from the Cultists


Professor Drennan has been abducted after the meeting of the previous mission. His aide had been replaced. Drennan is being held captive in Tokyo. His utopia chip is still okay so he is still useful to us. We must try to free him.


You can see on your map that the professor is being kept captive in the left corner of the map, and that place is crawling with Cultists. At the right corner there's another camp. In the middle of the map there's a large group of Unguideds. You should leave them alone for now. They are going to be helpful, although they will not be aware of that.

First we're going to rob a bank because this Mission can earn you 2.5 million credits. Kill the police agents you might encounter on your way to the bank. Take one of your agents into the bank and place an explosive. Run across the street and hide behind the movie screen on the corner. After the bomb explodes, 5 briefcases will lie on the ground and are for you to grab, but leave them alone for now because 4 police-cars are going to try to arrest you.

Because you are hiding behind the screen, the 2 flying police cars can't attack but they will stay in the neighbourhood. They'll wait for your team to come out. A van will also approach with a dozen of policemen on foot. There's a fourth car parked behind it. Place another explosive behind the screen and run away on the road going southwards. The explosion will (at least!) damage the two flying cars and take some policemen with them. If a car survives the explosion because it just happened to be a little bit further away from the bomb, then it will only take a few launcher-hits to finish it. The cars will crash and take some other policemen (who survived the first explosion) with them to the grave.

The remaining policemen can be eliminated in the usual way: use the miniguns and if they are standing in a group, use the launchers. It will take a few times to get the timing right, but it's the easiest way to survive. You can't face them directly in the open. Even now you'll be glad you have taken some medikits with you. Take the money. Remember: if the agent that carries your money dies, another agent one has to take over the cases. Otherwise you'll get home empty-handed.

The hardest part of this Mission is over. You helped the Unguideds by luring the police away with your robbery because the Unguideds were attacking them at that time. Now they will help you! They will assault the Cultist fort in the right corner of the map. They always win as long as your team is out of their sight. Coming too close would lure their attention and break off their attack. When the battle's over, go the scene of the crime and kill the remaining Unguideds. Some of them are carrying launchers, but it seems that they don't know how to use it properly: they don't use the auto-tracking option. Just jump away if a rocket is being fired on your team. On one of the female bodies you can find a nuclear bomb. Take it with you.

Now we're going to rescue the professor from the other camp. Another explosive will be very helpful. Take the road that leads from the right camp to the left camp and get close enough to get the attention of the cultists. A long range shot will wake them up. Get back as quick as you can and place an explosive under the floating movie-screen in the air. Hide behind the next corner on the crossroads or enter a building. The Cultists will not see you anymore, and they'll gather very near to the explosive. Their plan is to attack you when they are all gathered together. The explosive will kill them and also causes the movie-screen to fall on them, giving it an extra touch. Another possible solution here is to attack them with miniguns on the entrance of the fort. The laser-guided cannons will shoot anybody who's armed and will help you to take out the Cultists.

Get back to the fort and take out the laser-guided cannons with your launchers or with your nuclear bomb. Inside the fort there will be 2 spider tanks, but if you just keep your distance, you can easily take them out with your long-range rifles. It takes 4 good hits. Get to Professor Drennan and he will follow you. Go to the police car parked near the ex-cannons and drive to the IML-link. That's the end of the mission.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New research: Persuadertron II

New weapons: Nuclear Grenade

Possible loot: 2500k cr, 1 Scientist, 3 Nuclear Grenade

You can tackle Unguided first, but you should better go upwards the map and eliminate the Zealots in top left corner. There are some Zealots on foot, but also 2 flying cars, and 2 more circling around the Scientist. They only have Electron Maces, so you shouldn't have much troublew there.

While we help Zealots with leaving their mortal shells, on the opposite side of map the Unguided will do so to Zealots in the temple. We'll just need to finish cleaning the map afterwards.

Any surviving Police should be perusaded - they will come in handy when handling the Bank. It's best to take care of the Bank after clearing the map. You could get some of the Unguided survivors as well, but be careful - the ones which survived will likely have Launchers.

When the bank falls, or at least one of three people inside is killed, a lot of Police forces will arrive (four cars, of which two are flying, and the other two will drop off officers. It is best to go with leaving the bank standing, and hidding inside with persuadertron in hand. Though you could also use the same strategy in a short building nearby - hide behind the doors, and persuade any officers comming in. Kill the remaining forces. Finally, third stategy is to go to the police spawning place, and persuade them there - before they enter the cars.

The cash in the bank is considerable - it's worth trying! You will find 5 suitcases, 500,000 credits each. Sometimes one of the suitcases can be hard to find below stacks of dead bodies, but there are 5. Pick them all up.

Three Unguided, posing as civilians, will have Nuclear Grenades. You can recognize them by very cyberpunky jackets. In other stacks of weapons you will find 2 Persuadertrons, Disrupters, Flamer, and the standard - Launchers and Electron Maces. Police have Lasers and Knockout Gas with them.

After the map is clear, proceed with your mission. Evacuate the Scientist and it's over.

This is Tokyo AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Unguided rioters


Zealot Spiderbots

Zealot flying cars


Stationary lasers

Police protecting Bank spawn place