Level index (for /m param): 035
City name on PC: New York
Map and level files (PC): map004.mad, c004l001.d2,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 09
Citydrop code name: Taken To Taks
First objective: Persuade Naa employee

(map035 New York)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


New York: Persuade Jennifer Taks.

Fortuitous greetings, Executive.

Your presence is required in New York. Several North American corporations have united locally under the banner of the New Atlantic Alliance (NAA). The rapid development of this syndicate is remarkable, given the devastation of UTOPIA communication systems.

It appears that one of our former media chiefs, Jennifer Taks, is using her privileged access to the Global News Network to locate scientists for the NAA. Ms Taks seems to be having considerable success with this endeavour. We want her and we want to know where to find these scientists.

Despatch a team to New York and infiltrate the NAA's Manhattan office in the Global News Network block. Find Ms Taks and persuade her that her loyalties lie with us.

The centre's security is extremely tight. It may be impossible to force entry to it. I will attempt to track the UTOPIA ident signals of the centre's staff to see if any of them leave the centre for any reason. All personnel have codegraft passes, so you will have to persuade one of them to accompany you through the security barriers. Beware of attracting the attentions of local police units who are on heightened alert status.


PC Walkthrough from Official Tips

Weapons needed - Miniguns, LR Rifles, RAP's (Launchers), 1 Persuadertron, 1 High Explosive (optional), Medikits.

Netscan - The Police have upgraded their vault breach teams recently - costly but worth looking at to discover the location of a bank on the level with lots of free money.

Start point - IML station.

The player should group all agents together and equip LR Rifles. The player should go to the East and pick off the small group of five Syndicate Guards with LR Rifles and miniguns, they should then quickly equip their RAP's to take out the two flying vehicles that will then attack them. Do not be too afraid to use medikits at this point if they are required. If the flying taxi lands and four Syndicate Guards emerge from the taxi, they should be killed with either LR Rifles or RAP's, but on no account should the taxi be approached, it is best to attack the taxi (now grounded) with either LR Rifles or RAP's and then the player should wait until the High Explosive that is in the taxi explodes before they try to run past it.

Now is a good time to obtain some Lasers to sell at the end of the level, to get some extra money. With this small war finished, the player should run East, but only until they see a large number of enemies appear on the scanner and then they back off a bit, and take out as many of the enemy as they can with LR Rifles, and then switch to RAP's; the player should be advised that four of these enemies have High Explosives on them and that they should not get too close to them. If the attack is handled properly, one of the first enemies that is killed should drop a High Explosive which will take out the main body of the enemy, but remember that there are still three more Explosives somewhere amongst the bodies of the dead, and that they should wait until these explode, before they continue to the next stage of the level.

The next stage of the level involves running towards the armoured Syndicate car that lies just to the East of the previous battle.
IMPORTANT: The player will see a male civilian walking directly towards the car from the South. He should be taken out with LR Rifles and the player should then run and pick up both of the weapons that he drops QUICKLY.

The civilian is in fact an enemy Syndicate Agent with a clone shield on, and if he is not killed and his weapons picked up quickly, the mine that he is carrying will explode next to the target vehicle, and the player will find it very hard to complete the level. If the civilian is ignored, he will un-cloak from the clone shield, place the mine and run towards the player where he will quite happily self-destruct and roast the players Agents.

Now that this little worry is out of the way, the player should persuade the nearby target and then enter the vehicle, and scan the map for the next target, whereby, they should click to move to a point that is just inside the door of the compound which houses the target.

En-route, the player should equip the Agents with LR Rifles and be ready to switch to RAP's when these are used once. The player must beware that they will attacked by flying vehicles when the ground troops are destroyed in the raised compound, and they should take out the flying enemy with their RAP's as this the most efficient way to disable a flying target.

When the two flying enemies are destroyed, the player should persuade Miss Taks, the target, and get into the waiting Police car (which conveniently has the ability to fly) and click directly on the evacuation point (the IML station).

This will enable the player to finish the level if they wish. They can, of course, now choose to attack the bank and retrieve a large amount of money, if they want to. But they need to bear in mind that there is a small possibility that Miss Taks will get killed by the enemy and that they will then fail the mission altogether.

This bank, as the netscan says, has increased security and this is not that obvious when the player is only confronted with a small force of five police. However, when the police are killed and the bank is demolished with the High Explosive, the player will be attacked by four flying police cars.

These are easy to deal with if the player is expecting them and equips RAP's to take them out quickly. If they are not ready for the attack and get taken by surprise, it is very possible that they will lose an agent before they know what is happening and this is tantamount to suicide.

Four agents can take the Police cars down quite easily, but three will really struggle. The player must not forget that if they get into real trouble (and provided that Miss Taks has been killed by the ground or air Police, failing their mission), the player can press the space bar to finish the level at any point that they wish.

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

New York: Persuade Jennifer Taks

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Persuadertron, Launchers, Explosives

Guide: Pump up your red mist and kill laser guards just to the south of the start point with LR Rifles. Pick up their Pulse Lasers to sell later. Use Launchers to blow up the two flying vehicles which attack. If the taxi lands, more guards will get out - note that is also packed with explosives, so keep clear once you destroy it. Head towards the target until you see a large number of enemies appear on the scanner. Back off and take out as many as you can with LR Rifles or Launchers. Some are carrying explosives, so don't get too close! Watch out for the 'civilian approaching the car: this disguised enemy will lay some explosives and run towards you unless you shoot him first. You can then steal his Clone Shield.

Now go inside and persuade the target: the executive who'll help you infiltrate the NAR building. Get in the car, equip your men with LR Rifles, and drive just inside the target compound. The place is crawling with police so get out ASAP and chuck a can of Knockout Gas, then shoot them with LR Rifles. Make sure the executive is safely behind your men (it helps if you have a crowd of persuaded people).

Once the police are all dead, switch to Launchers to destroy the flying vehicle which attacks. Now go and persuade Jennifer. Get in the police car and fly to the Evac point - you'll easily survive the fire of chasing vehicles.

Note: You can also rob the bank on this level, but it's risky doing this when Jennifer is with you, as four flying police cars will attack.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Media Chief, Jennifer Taks, is spreading Anti-Eurocorp Propaganda on the global news network. She must be persuaded. Notice how the greetings are getting better, last mission it was felicitations, now its fortuitous greetings.

Upgrade and get rid of any unwanted items, then it's straight to the mission.

The mission will start by showing a Naa employee going home from a hard days work at the office. Leave hq, and kill some Eurocorp Agents around the buildings where you start. An armored hover car should also attack. Finish them, then go to the Naa employee's area, but kill the Eurocorp personnel guarding him before attempting to persuade him, and be careful - they are packed with explosives. Now you have to persuade Jennifer Taks, look around the map until you see the elevated highways. There is a bullfrog vehicle underneath one of them; go to it, and drive to where Jennifer is. Before I continue I would like to point out, that it would be far easier if you eliminated all enemies in the area before persuading the Naa employee, because if he or Jennifer die, it's mission over. Make sure you destroy the green hover car in one of the elevated areas, and also Rob the bank, but by doing so you will have to contend with a major cop assault. Now to continue, eliminate the militia, an armored Eurocorp vehicle should attack; if not, wait for it. Destroy it, then persuade miss Taks, then report back to hq.


Well done! That was an extremely hard mission. You should have some income from the bank heist, and research on the grenade and arms level 2 should be complete.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Persuade Jennifer Task


A new syndicate in New York, the NAA (New Atlantic Alliance), is posing a threat to us.

Jennifer Task, an Ex-EuroCorp media chief, is using her privileges to locate scientists for the NAA. And she is very successful. We want her to join us, and we want to know where she gets her scientists. The centre's security is tight; you will have to persuade someone who leaves the centre, to obtain a pass to get inside.


This Mission is packed with flying cars and roads. It's quite overwhelming and you will have to deal with the cars first before you can start with your Mission objective.

But first things first. We have to persuade a citizen to gain access to Jennifer's place. On the road to this building you'll encounter some operatives, which can easily be taken out with miniguns or long-range rifles. However, a taxi car will land containing some more operatives, and a flying car will attack you with pulse lasers. First take out the operatives on foot because their hit rate is much higher. Switch to long range rifles if you want to destroy the flying car and hide in a building (or in a small alley) to recover. It will take about 8 shots.

Our target is in a building. It seems to be safe, but as soon as you near the target, three ex-EuroCorp agents and some operatives will appear and will start to attack you. Take out the nearest EuroCorp agent with the long-range rifle, and then switch to the minigun. The dead agent will drop a high explosive, and this will kill all other enemies including the two other EuroCorp agents who were also carrying explosives. If the agent died too close to the building of our target, pick up the high explosive because a dead person can not be persuaded.

You can also find a parked car near the building. You can use it as transportation, but beware: there's an operative around who carries a clone shield. In other words: he looks like a c-citizen. He/She will drop a high explosive as you near the car. Take him/her out with the long-range rifle. You can recognise him/her because he will start to run towards you as you near the car. If you killed him/her, pick up the high explosive that he/she wanted to drop, and also take the clone shield. This weapon is not very useful in this mission, but you'll be glad to use it in REF 15.

Persuade our target, and take the car. You can leave the persuaded person behind; it doesn't matter if he gets killed now. We have got the pass, so who cares?

There are two roads that lead upwards: one to an area where another flying vehicle is parked and the other one to the area where Jennifer and lots of policemen are located. If you just drive into this last area, flying cars from everywhere will crush you. The easiest way to complete this Mission is to take out the cars first. Outside the Jennifer-area, on the ground level, there's a bank guarded with three agents. Take out the guards. Four flying police cars will appear. You can take them out with the long-range rifles or pulse lasers, and hide in the bank if you need to recover. Repeat this until the four cars are destroyed.

Place a high explosive in the bank and pick up the 700000 credits in the three suitcases. Two flying cars left. Take the other road going upwards, drive into the area and take out the flying car with the long-range rifles. Don't stay in the car, because if it gets destroyed you won't be able to leave this area. (If you lose your car elsewhere, there are 2 other cars in town you can drive: a yellow car and a Bullfrog car.)

When every car is destroyed, it's finally time to drive towards Jennifer. You must enter it by car: A high explosive would blow up the entrance, but also the road and you with it. You can park the car just before the entrance and the doors will open. Take out the nearest policemen (who are still unaware of your presence) with the long-range rifle. If you drive into the area, other policemen will start to fire on you. Drive far enough into the area, otherwise the automatic laser guns on the entrance will make you an easy target.

The policemen and the ex-EuroCorp agents can very easily be taken out with the miniguns. It's now a safe walk to Jennifer (who's behind the last building). Persuade her to come with you and take the flying police car parked near here to fly to the IML point.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New research: Clone Shield

New weapons: Clone Shield

Possible loot: 700k cr, 4 Agents

As soon as you exit the sector with IML Station, few Adversaries will start moving your way. When they're all killed, first armored flying vehicle will come from the central complex. But if the Adversaries are not killed, the car will stay at its place.

After entering the lane between the roads with Taxi landing point, a flying taxi with 4 Adversaries which was patrolling the city, will land. The Adversaries are easy to persuade, if you first do the Police guarding the bank. Then smash the Taxi from a distance - the driver who stays inside doesn't shoot, but has High Explosive, which may cause trouble later.

About the bank, when you blow it up, four Police flying cars will appear. Only two at first, but then in a second batch you will meet another pair. Both from the second batch will disembark two Policemen, then fly towards you. Interestingly, if you deploy Cerberus IFF near the drop-off (over the roundabout above the bank), all people can get off these cars, leaving them empty - an useable. It is worth to try - with a flying car on your side, this mission is trivial. Though it is way easier to get the cars by waiting for them at spawn point, while one of your agents blows the bank.

If you didn't destroyed Flying cars with Adversaries which were waiting in central part of the map, one will start chasing you after last of the flying Police cars is down.

The bank leaves 3 suitcases, worth 200,000 300,000 and 200,000 credits, respectively. Not really worth the challenge, unless your moral rules won't allow you to leave any bank standing.

After your agents reach the vicinity of Clone Shielded man, Adversaries and Agents will spawn between the buildings above. Watch out for them - there is an Agent which has High Explosive. It's best to just ride through that crossroad with a car, approaching from the Zealots side (from bottom). That will lure some of the Adversaries, while others will stay, so you can finish them later.

The Adversary with Clone Shield also has High Explosive. If you won't interfere, he'll put it under an armored car. That's a best car to ride through the area with Stationary Lasers, assuming you didn't stole a flying car from the police. So may be worth saving it.

After driving up, make sure that your vehicle does not run over the Ion Mine that the Agent has left behind. By the way, this agent is good for perusading, it has all V2 mods.

When you start the evacuation, one more flying car with Adversaries will appear, spawning at the same point where the Police did.

Additional hints

Zealots don't move from their temple. They only have Disrupters and Electron Maces. Their area is also reinforced by gas releasing mechanism.

This is New York AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Zealots near temple



Cars with Adversaries

Flying cars with Adversaries


Police guarding Bank

Taxi landing point

Flying cars spawn point

Adversary with Clone Shield

Mission targets