Level index (for /m param): 029
City name on PC: Matochkin Shar
Map and level files (PC): map002.mad, c002l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 03
Citydrop code name: Lost Minds
First objective: Eliminate Unguided threat

(map029 Matochkin Shar)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:

Geneva, Vancouver and Matochkin Shar: Seek and persuade Bluesky Tendencies scientists.

Greetings. Your success is heartening.

Your next mission is to provide us with the brains we need to build a new R&D department. The Yamaguchi executives you persuaded provided us with information regarding the whereabouts of some top scientific personnel. Bluesky Tendencies has laboratories in Geneva, Vancouver and Matochkin Shar. All had Grade A scientific personnel assigned to them. As soon as your agents reach any of these destinations, a UTOPIA identkey trace in the local network should pick out target personnel.

These scientists are some of the most prized brains in the Syndicate. It is imperative that they come to no harm.

Update: The mysterious Church of the New Epoch gains more members hourly, converting citizens with a combination of brainwashing and CHIP hacking techniques. The converts show little evidence of genuine religious motivation. The Church of the New Epoch tells its followers that the end of the world is near and that only the Church possesses the technology to save the faithful from the Cataclysm. Their doctrine is defiantly anti-Syndicate.

Significantly, Unguided citizens don't necessarily join this cult, even when they encounter its zealots.

It also seems that our Persuadertrons do not work on the cultists themselves. We don't know why. We know practically nothing about the cult's technology but research into it has now begun as a matter of the highest priority. Their technical expertise is unquestionably impressive.


PC Walkthrough from Official Tips

Start the mission with a persuadertron. Head straight through the city to the elevated car park and kill the unguided. A syndicate vehicle will arrive and two agents will get out, kill them and steal their car.

If you attack the larger of the two compounds first, you will gain access to a flying vehicle. Do not start persuading scientists yet, as you will not want them to follow you into the church grounds.

Now that you can fly, try attacking the zealots, and have a rummage through their corpses for money and anything else of interest.

Once this is done, it is safe to start persuading scientists. Kill of all enemy syndicate presence, then take the persuaded scientists back to the IML link.

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Matochkin Shar: Persuade Bluesky Tendencies scientists

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, Persuadertron, Explosives

Guide: Go up the road in the southeast corner to reach the south car park - run past the armoured car. Eliminate any Unguided in the area, then steal a vehicle. Drive into the target compound. Get out and kill the guards (if your car is destroyed in the melee, you'll have to blow up the gate to exit). Then enter the building and persuade the scientists. Drive to next target: a complex in the NW corner. Get out and kill any guards, then enter and persuade the remaining scientists. Get back in the car and drive south through the barrier a little way. Get out and walk to the Evac point.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


You must persuade scientists who work in the Bluesky Tendencies laboratory, so they can become a new R&D department within the Eurocorp Syndicate.

Since all of your agents should have Mini Guns, you can sell the Uzis they had. They are of no use for you now, you should also upgrade your cryos. I recommend upgrading as soon as the technology becomes available, so I will leave it to your discretion.

Once the mission begin, you will get new orders: you must eliminate the unguided in the area. Go into look around mode and locate the ramp leading to the upper section of the city, there you will find the unguided. Go to their location and kill them. If you need protection, run into one of the cars and shoot them from there. Once they are vanquished, you will receive another mission update, now you have to persuade the Bluesky scientists. Board one of the cars nearby, and take it to their location. An Eurocorp hover vehicle may pursue you, if so wait for its passengers to bail out, then kill them and take the vehicle. There are two Bluesky locations; I recommend visiting each and killing the Eurocorp personnel before persuading the scientists, otherwise there is a good chance one might be killed, and that would be mission over. Your task will be easier if your stay in a vehicle and shoot your assailants. Once the Eurocorp personnel are dead, take your vehicle and go to the area where the church of new epoch reside, and eradicate them. Pick up their disrupters. One will drop a money briefcase. There is another in one of the pyramid shaped buildings. With that done, go persuade the scientists and go back to hq.


You should have a huge income form that mission, and have researched the flamer.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Persuade the scientists


see Mission REF 3 Geneva


Trainer Mission #6.

There's an update for the Mission objective as soon as you arrive at the city. First you'll have to take out the Unguideds who are demolishing a car park. To get there you will have to follow the street going to the upper level. Four miniguns will take out the Unguideds without a problem. As they are finished take a car, and drive to the Church located at the left corner. We are going to take out some Zealots, though it's not in our mission objective. This will be the first time that you are outnumbered. Don't just cross the bridge that leads to the Church; if the Zealots all fire at once your shield will be drained in a second. Lure them away: retreat as soon as you're in the middle of the bridge. For some reason, you can't really shoot them while they are on the bridge.

Retreat to the street, and as they come closer (and as they leave the bridge) you can start firing. If they are beginning to form a group, put your shields up and back up a little bit so that you can recover. (Only one Church agent or so will follow you so don't worry.) When you have recovered, go back and take out the remaining agents. Get into the church because here you can find your first skin: epidermis version one. Fore more information about these skins, check the miscellaneous section. Drive to the first scientist-location.

On your arrival, some operatives will come and shoot the car -- no problem for our miniguns. Get inside, take out the couple of operatives there and persuade the scientists. It's time to learn how to drive a flying car: there are two cars waiting for you a little bit more to the north. Choose the one you like more, get the scientists into the car and fly to the second location. Fly over the second fortified location: you can easily take out the operatives this way. There's no danger for the scientists as long as you are in the car. If the coast is clear, land the car and persuade the two scientists. Get back to the IML link, and this Mission is a success.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New weapons: Disrupter

Possible loot: 200k cr, Epidermis v1, 2 Agents, 4 Scientists

Mission peculiarity: Recurring if not completed

Your mission is to eliminate the Unguided, but you may better concentrate on a way to get a flying car. High Explosive will be very helpful for this to achieve. Watch out for stationary lasers, especialy when flying. For the car with Agents - leave it for later if you want to persuade them.

From the air, assassinate the Zealots, and look at how police will get rid of the Unguided forces. You will find Epidermis mod in the center of a temple, and 200,000 credits in a suitcase held by one of Zealots guarding said temple. Also get Disrupters from Zealot bodies - not a very useful weapon for you, but you can sell it, and add it to your research queue.

Kill the remaining Unguided and go back fetch the Scientists.

It may take quite long before the police will come to get rid of Unguided. You may eliminate them all by yourself if you're tired of waiting.

After you eliminate the Unguided group near center of the map, the armored car with Agents will drive there, and go at you leaving the car empty. The Agents will kill any Police the encounter on the way. You can either persuade these two, or just kill them. They are unmodded, and only wield Miniguns.

At this point you should evacuate to an IML Station. But you do not want that. This is a special recurring level - you can repeat it forever, as long as you never complete it. Each time you repeat it, you can get the Epidermis mod, money and more Scientists. So pause the game and quit the mission. Not completing it will not affect further progress.

Additional hints

If you fly your car above mountains, ground enemies can't find a path to reach your squad. They will still get nervous if being shot at, though. Using this, you can eliminate enemies one by one.

Watch out for any buildings falling near the car, as that very quickly drains its strength bar. A single lamp post may destroy a flying car.

This is Matochkin Shar AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Flying cars

Zealots near temple


Agents in armored car

Unguided groups

Epidermis v1

Useful flying cars