028 NUUK
Level index (for /m param): 028
City name on PC: Nuuk
Map and level files (PC): map008.mad, c008l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 12
Citydrop code name: The Hive
First objective: Eliminate Zealots

(map028 Nuuk)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Reykjavik: Find out what happened to the C3 project. Activate the IML link to Nuuk.

Nuuk: Conduct a full sweep of the city.

Congratulations on achieving your latest objectives.

It is imperative that your agents take immediate advantage of access to the trans-polar IML. Send your team to Reykjavik to investigate the C3 research site in Reykjavik. It is difficult to advise you what sort of presence you might expect to find there but, given the sensitive nature of the site, your agents should be on maximum alert. Recover evidence of the status of the C3 programme.

Additional: Since CHIP downtime began, Nuuk has remained completely sealed off from the outside world. There have been reports of Cult activity around the city's outer perimeter but nothing has reached us from inside the city itself. Nuuk is directly connected to Reykjavik via IML. The link may still be open from Reykjavik. When you have completed the Reykjavik stage of your mission, find and, if necessary, activate the Nuuk IML link. Proceed to Nuuk and investigate the situation there.

Remain vigilant!


PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Nuuk: Conduct full sweep of city, eliminate Zealots

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Launchers, Knockout Gas

Guide: There are an awful lot of Zealots on this level. The best thing to do is equip with LR Rifles and pick them off as they approach, running away to recharge. Knockout Gas may come in handy if attacked by a large group. Switch to Launchers if a flying vehicle attacks.

Watch out for ambushes as you walk around the city. Particularly try to avoid getting enemies on either side of you. Frisk dead bodies for weapons which you can sell later. Gradually make your way over to the east part of the city, luring out enemies from the buildings. Watch out for the pair of flying cars which attack - leg it and use Launchers. Finally, you need to kill off a spider droid - use LR Rifles with hit-and-run tactics.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Since harbinger begun effecting our systems, the city of Nuk has been cut off from the world. It is believed that there is cult activity in the area. Conduct a full sweep of the city, and eliminate any hostiles you find.

Ok, your agents should have all level 2 bodies by now, and you should also buy some trigger wire planted at strategic locations. It can prove fatal to pursuing enemies, also it's an infinite weapon, so you don't have to keep buying, it simply press the fire button and drag it to the location of your choice. I recommend using it in small corridors, since your enemy won't be able to avoid it.

You have the luxury to look around the map before you begin. Looks daunting, doesn't it? But you will manage begin by killing the two at the entrance. Then move down to the temple below. This will initiate a huge battle with the church members, kill a few and run away to recharge. Let them catch you then try and finish them all off. Recharge your weapons. A good strategy to use is try and shoot them from a long distance. With the pulse laser fully charged, they should die sooner. If you wait a while at the temple, another bunch of them will attack. This will be a harder fight because most of them have launchers. Now go to the little temple on the left, kill the two outside. This should make more church members below attack as well. I recommend planting trigger wire across all the pathways of this city, then make the church members follow you into it. It should make most of the battles much easier. Now head to the temple bellow the small building, and kill the church members stationed there. Then head to the small building on the right side of the map and kill the Church members there, then as before go to the temple below and destroy the enemy there also. If you survived so far, you're doing good. Finally head to the center temple on the bottom of the map. I recommend fighting, then running away to recharge, because you wo'nt last standing. There are two spider droids to contend with. Also use the trigger wire tactic, when all the Church members have been eradicated, take the money on the bottom of the map and proceed to the evac point.


Well done! That was the hardest mission so far, you could stand to loose one agent. You should have the money to upgrade another agent to the highest level. You should have income, and researched satellite rain - very destructive, and body level 3.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Conduct a full sweep of the city.


Nuuk has been completely sealed off from the outside world since the chip failures began. Nuuk is directly linked with the IML from Reykjavik. Since our previous Mission was successful, it's time to take a look at the city to know what is going on there.


From this Mission on, you will love your launchers. They will prove their effectiveness. This Mission also includes the second appearance of the spiders. Nuuk is full of Zealot agents. The first two agents who guard the area in which you were dropped will not be a problem. But as soon as you start to move northwards, a very large group of agents will close in on you. This is the first time that something like that happens, but definitely not the last time.

In this Mission you will prove those Zealots (again) that their mace weapons are worthless. Stay close to the southern church wall that you'll see when you pass the guards. The attacking agents will split up in two groups (left and right) and a flying car will come too. They will use the electronic maces, but 70% of their hits will be absorbed by the walls of the building. (Noticed the blue lines?). Take out the agents that ARE hitting you (the closest agents) and deal with the flying car with your launchers. Then you can start to deal with the remaining agents who are still "macing" the building.

Further to the north, you can find the second bunch of Epoch agents. They are a bigger problem. First stay far away from them. There's another flying car around. Hit it with the long-range rifle to get its attention. Take it out with the launcher. Recover your health fully. Now it's time to shoot the first Zealot agent. From four sides agents will close in on you. Use the launchers! They stay close together and every rocket takes out three or four agents in one blow. If your energy is draining, back up to the south. Also remember that you can always use the miniguns when other weapons fail due to the energy drain.

One last group of Zealots to go: 14 agents, and two spiders. Same strategy here: first use the long-range rifles to get their attention. Then retreat and place a high explosive. Keep your distance from the Zealots and when enough Epoch agents are standing close enough to the explosives, launch some rockets to the explosives. The rockets trigger the high explosives and take out most of the Zealot agents. The spiders, however, take no damage from them. It's very easy though to take them out if you stay far enough from them. Four long-range rifle hits are enough for one spider. Just keep on running to keep your distance between you and the spiders.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: none

Possible loot: none

You can just progressively eliminat Zealots and move forward. There is, however quite a lot of them, getting on the flying car and sniping them out of the air may be an easier solution.

If you stick to the edge of the map and kill zealots, two at a time - your success is almost certain.

When flying cars with Zealots arrive (there are 2 on the board) target them with Launchers.

Spiders can be taken care of by Long Range Rifle.

After the mission, you will receive 113,000 cretits. Stangely specific amount.

Additional hints

The mission is not very ambitious - there is absolutely nothing to get.

This is Nuuk AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Flying cars