Level index (for /m param): 026
City name on PC: Santiago
Map and level files (PC): map007.mad, c007l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 10
Citydrop code name: Forbidden Knowledge
First objective: Persuade Gel Data scientist

(map026 Santiago)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Adelaide: Scientists traced.

Profound greetings.

London AI has been psych-profiling the message content of an increasing number of subversive broadcasts from Ko-Paull Vissick. His seminal message, sent on an open channel, clearly incited the Unguided to rise up, not only against the Syndicate, but also the Church of the New Epoch. Unfortunately, Vissick's invective was littered with prophecies of doom, indicating that his current state of mind is far from stable. He claimed, for example, that the Church of the New Epoch would bring about nothing less than Armageddon. I can only speculate as to how they're supposed to initiate global destruction.

Vissick's last assignment was so highly classified - and UTOPIA has been so desolated by the Harbinger virus - that information on the nature of his mission is sketchy. However, we know that he was working as part of a team of top researchers from Gel Data and The Hexagon Corporation on a project in Iceland. Jennifer Taks has given us the locations of Gel Data and Hexagon scientists in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Adelaide. Seek out and persuade these scientists at your discretion.

Good luck.


PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Persuade scientists.


Paul Vissick has sent a public message to incite the Unguided to rise up. Not only against the EuroCorp syndicate, but also against the Church. He claims that the Church would bring nothing less than a total Armageddon -- the global destruction of the world. Vissick's last assignment for EuroCorp was so classified that the nature of his Mission then is unclear. We do know that he was working with researchers from "Gel Data" in Iceland. Jennifer Tasks has given us the location of Gel Data scientists in Santiago and in three other cities. Persuade them in each city.


The main problem in this Mission is the fact that the scientist is located in the centre of the town, and that you are on the outside border. And guess what: all bridges to town are blown up and there's no gate or door to take you close to the scientists.

There are two possibilities: you can take public transportation (the train), or you can hijack a flying car. If you take the train, you will be forced to use a high explosive on one of the buildings. It didn't work for me, because the scientist was blown to bits as well. He keeps on walking around, but he was always very close at the time of the explosion. I guess it's possible to do it this way, but because of my failures I used the second possibility. Walk to the west of the map. At the corner, you'll see a flying car guarded by only a few Zealots. Watch out for the building near the fence because as soon as you come near it, four ex-EuroCorp agents will pop out and will start to attack you.

If you don't alert the Zealots yet, you can withstand this attack without any problem. Then go to the Zealots area. On a very rare occasion in this game there's a policemen willing to HELP you. If all Zealots are killed, it's time to take the flying car, but do not take it to the scientist yet. We are going to return a favour. A little bit further north there's a battle going on between one police car and two flying Zealot-cars. Fly to it, park your car in the neighbourhood and choose a Zealot car to attack. The police will already have damaged the cars. Long range rifle shots and miniguns will do the trick. The other Zealot car will continue to focus on the police car.

When your target car explodes run back to your car. Your health will be not so good anymore and the other police car is about to be defeated. When the police car has been destroyed, its attacker (the second Zealot car) will then focus on you. Protected by your car you should be able to take him out. If your health-energy is draining out, you can fly around the city at full speed to recover. The Zealot car will follow but will not be able to attack you while you're flying.

What remains is quite simple. Park your car at the scientist area. Take out the few Zealots who are suicidal enough to attack you with their electronic maces. Persuade the scientist, get back into the car, and fly home safely.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 1 Scientist, 5 Agents

Mission peculiarity: Recurring if not completed

There are 3 cars on the map with Police on board. You may try destroying them at the beginning (ie. with Ion Mine), but you have to be careful not to kill the Police pedestrians, at least if you want to persuade some agents. Also, cops will help you fight with Zealots if you stay clear of their sight when your weapons are drawn. That's not that hard - if you walk behind buldings, it is unlikely that they notice you.

Best way to approach the Zealots is from the direction of the temples (not from the plane). After you slaughter them, you'll find a stockpile of weapons in one of the temples - but you should go there with an agent with good shields, because at the entrance there are 2x Ion Mine. Or you can pick the mines, if you know how to do that.

Approach the building with agents only after persuading a few Police officers - you should be able to acquire three of them before energy of the weapon runs out.

Flying car can be used to approach the Scientist and kill the Zealots, then persuade the Scientist.

At this point you can fight remaining ambush, evacuate and it's over. But you do not want that. This is a special recurring levels - you can repeat it forever, as long as you never complete it. Each time you repeat it, you can get another set of Agents and a Scientist. So pause the game and quit the mission. Not completing it will not affect further progress.

If you decide to finish the mission: Just after persuasion, two Zealot flying cars will come - it's best not to be in a car when it happens. Deploying Cerberus IFF nearby can be considerable help.

This is Santiago AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Zealot flying car