Level index (for /m param): 023
City name on PC: Bangkok
Map and level files (PC): map003.mad, c003l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 14
Citydrop code name: Bring Him Back Alive
First objective: Escort Professor Drennan to Eurocorp facility

(map023 Bangkok)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Tokyo: Rescue Professor Drennan from the Cultists.

Bangkok: Escort the professor to the EuroCorp campus. Ensure the professor is returned to us unharmed.

Attention, Executive. Professor Drennan has been abducted. An imposter was able to evade my scans, kill Drennan's aide, and take her place for the duration of the lecture. The actual abduction occurred immediately after the meeting. The costly zealot raid was merely a diversionary tactic to cover the final phase of Drennan's abduction.

I am still tracking Drennan. He is being held in Tokyo. His UTOPIA chip has not been tampered with.
When you've freed the professor, guide him to safety. Our Bangkok operations centre is secure; take him there.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Bangkok: Escort Professor Drennan to EuroCorp campus

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, Launchers

Guide: Immediately arm with Miniguns and kill the first Zealot which attacks, then use Launchers to eliminate the ones inside the IML Link. Once you've killed the first group of Zealots, Drennan will begin walking north to the campus. If he gets hit to many times, he'll die and the mission will fail. So if Drennan comes under attack, get between him and the Zealots, activate supershields, and gun them down.

Walk slightly ahead and eliminate the Zealots who try to ambush you. Kill the ones in the first alley, then the ones ahead. Watch out for a couple of Zealots sneaking round the back - locate them on the radar and take action. Make sure the coast is clear, then run northeast to kill the four Zealots who are hiding in the cluster of buildings. In the buildings to the north (by the hotel) is another group of Zealots, so go and gun them down when you're energy has recharged. The rest of the journey should be safe.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Escort professor Drennan to the Bangkok Eurocorp R&D facility. Ensure the professor is unharmed, as the cultists are bound to intercept.

Since no upgrades are available, and no new weapons can be purchased, head straight to the mission.

This mission is tough, immediately you will be attacked by some church members. Make sure the professor is not killed, or it's all over. I recommend not using launchers against your enemies, as they could result in explosions, which could destroy the professor. The professor will set his own course to the research facility. you must stay with him and protect him. The only advice I can give is to persuade some civilians - they will take up arms and you will kill your assailants quicker. Once the mission is over, I am sure your agents will partake of some Bangkok R&R.


That mission should have been very frustrating, but Legs level 3 should have been researched. Your perfect agents are almost complete.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Escort Professor Drennan back to base.


You rescued Professor Drennan in the previous mission. Now get him back to safety.


This is an easy mission. Now that we're beginning to get used to be outnumbered (4 of you against 50), here there are only about 20 enemies and they do not attack at the same time.

The beginning is the hardest part. About 10 Zealots are very near and are about to attack you. Don't worry about the professor though. He will walk away of them to a place where they cannot hit him. The enemies first have to pass your 4 agents at the gate, and you can easily take them out with the miniguns, or with some good launcher-hits. Don't walk downward on the map: there's a church of the cultists nearby and they would be alarmed.

Escort the professor when he walks to the right. You don't have to stay close to him. Walk ahead of him and take out every cultist you encounter. There are about 10 Zealots left, and they are separated from each other. A good minigun hit will be sufficient. Your professor won't be attacked from behind. There will be no flying car to bother. There's no cultist hiding in a building. That's what makes this Mission so easy.

The Mission is over when the professor has been brought to safety. If you are not satisfied with this Mission because it was so easy, you can go to the church and take out the remaining cultists. Blow up the church with a high explosive. Sure, it will not gain you anything. But it's fun.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Acceptable

At start, you must take care of some Zealots. A few of them will be inside the gate, very close to the professor - but they won't be able to reach him, and he won't move forward until they are dead. If you're smart, you can use this on your advantage; it is even possible to sweep all enemies from the level without letting the professor go out of IML link.

After the first wave, there won't be more surprises. You can go in front of the Professor and sweep enemies.

The militia executives in the final building are with you - don't fight them. Actually, you will make best use of them by persuading after mission is complete. More firepower will be surely helpful if you wish to raid the church with graveyard. Be careful - Zealots have Launchers there!

At end, persuade all scientists on the map. You can access the sealed compound using IML train (in PSX version, there are horizonal elevators).

Do not bother to blow the bank - it's empty. Six scientists which you can get make enough rewards on this mission.

This is Bangkok AI non-official message, please do not reply.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New research: none

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 6 Scientists

Go in front of the scientist and take out the Zealots.

The troops in the target building are yours - you can persuade them if you want to deal with the Zealots in the cemetery (you only perusade the Zealots with Persuadertron II). Be careful though - they have Launchers there!

When you clear the board, it's worth taking the train to the Scientists at the top and perusade them.

Additional hints

There are no Police and no Unguided forces on this level.

There is no need to break the Bank - it is empty.

This is Bangkok AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Zealots with Launchers


Your base

Bank (empty)