Level index (for /m param): 020
City name on PC: New Delhi
Map and level files (PC): map027.mad, c027l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 18
Citydrop code name: Exodus
First objective: Crush the Uprising

(map020 New Delhi)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Sevastopol: We want Sevastopol sterilised. Leave nothing alive there. We can re-populate it later when our clone factories are back on line.

Delhi: Eliminate Deel Gonda. Crush the uprising.

Attention, Executive. You have just eliminated Anika Maritz.

She was a double agent. I knew this much from the beginning, since Executive Maritz informed me of her plan to infiltrate the Church of the New Epoch. However, I only began to suspect her betrayal when Professor Drennan was abducted. On her return, Maritz told me that her duplicity had been necessary, in order to convince the Nine of her fidelity. The credibility of her story relied upon the conviction that you could get the professor back, which you did. However, I remained unconvinced.

When she disappeared a second time, without warning, I finally accepted that she had been corrupted by the Church of the New Epoch. This left no alternative. Anika-Mirabelle had to be terminated.

We must continue to restore the integrity of UTOPIA. To this end, you will receive further briefings directly from me.

Update: Intercepted communications between Ko-Paull Vissick and his lieutenants indicate that the Unguided are planning to breakout beyond city perimeters. Vissick expects his followers to rendezvous at Lake Margui Caka on the Tibetan plateau. Here, according to Vissick, they will survive the Cataclysm. The truth is that the end will come for them long before they reach their destination. Nevertheless, massive uprisings are being reported in Delhi and Sevastopol, where we have not yet re- established EuroCorp control. It is this situation you must bring under control.

Sevastopol's heavy industrial sector has been completely overrun by the Unguided mob. Anything that hasn't already been destroyed is now in their hands. Fortunately, they seem to be waiting for something, perhaps a final instruction from Vissick, before attempting to break through the city perimeter controls.

There is similar trouble in Delhi. We still have operatives in the city but they are vastly outnumbered, trapped within the old police compound. Their one remaining tank keeps the Unguided at bay for now.

The Unguided themselves are heavily defended within the city's river port district, which they have taken over, presumably as it provides their escape route. An ex-EuroCorp strategist, Deel Gonda, has sided with Ko-Paull Vissick and is openly directing the Unguided from there. Without his tactical expertise, the rebellion would be doomed to failure.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Kill every Unguided in New Delhi.


We took out Lucy de Saxo in the previous mission, but her real name was Anika Maritz! She was a double agent. She abducted the professor because she had to prove her fidelity to The Nine. The credibility of her story was the easy retrieval of the professor afterwards, a Mission you also carried out. However, when she disappeared a second time, it was clear that she had been corrupted by the Church and you therefore had to take her out. In the meantime, some communications between Paul Vissick and his lieutenants have been intercepted. The Unguideds are waiting for a signal from him (in Sevastopol and New Delhi) to breakout beyond city parameters, to advance to a Tibetan Plateau where they will survive their predicted cataclysm. Take out all the Unguideds in Sevastopol and New Delhi to prevent their plans. There's even a chance Paul Vissick is in Sevastopol.


There are 3 Unguided areas in this mission. You land in the first area and they will start to attack you as soon as you start walking. The second area is surrounded by a fence and is guarded by an irritating flamer-device. There are also 2 flying cars in that area. The third area has a general entrance guarded by one Unguided, and has a tube connection to a separate island surrounded by water. The first Unguided area is very easy to conquer. The second area is more challenging, and the third area is hard but not impossible.

First things first. Kill all the Unguideds in area 1. It's easy: miniguns are efficient enough. Some are carrying launchers but if you walk through the buildings, they'll use the launchers unwisely and blow themselves up. One Unguided is carrying a nuclear explosive but he will not use it against you. Pick it up. It's a nice weapon and it will be very useful later on.

If you advance to the entrance of area 2, a fire truck driven by Unguideds will come and block your way. The easiest way to avoid a confrontation is as follows: go to area 3 and kill the 7 or 8 Unguideds in there. It's easy enough with some long-range rifles. The fire engine is parked on the road, very close to the left corner of this area. The truck cannot harm you because the fence will protect you. Drop a high explosive in the corner, run away, and watch why a fire truck is called a FIRE truck.

Now that you're in area 3, you can either finish this area first or go back to area 2. I recommend doing area 2 first. Now that the fire truck is on fire you can safely go to the entrance of area 2. Let your presence be noticed but don't pass the flamer yet. If you then hide in the inlet, the Unguideds will walk through the fire from the flamer and they will catch fire. There are only a few Unguideds that will get through.

Take your time to memorise the route of the patrolling flying cars from area 2. When they are a little bit further away, walk through the fire. (Your suit protects you.) Shoot 4 launchers at each car when it gets closer. Run away. The vehicles are equipped with nuclear grenades, but they are a little bit too generous: if you keep on running buildings will collapse, Unguideds will die, and at the end the vehicles themselves will crash. I guess it's a suicidal day.

Before we go back to area 3, take the parked flying vehicle at the right of the entrance of area 2. Some operatives are guarding it but long-range rifles will kill them with one shot. Park the flying car somewhere near the entrance of area 3. Kill the remaining Unguideds. I used the launchers here because a flying vehicle will also become involved, and also because 5 other Unguideds will come out of a building. These 5 agents are standing in a group: a perfect target for this weapon.

When you finish area 3, there's only one part that remains: the island with the tube-entrance. You can do it in different ways, but remember that the tube is the only entrance to the island. Getting out is easy if you do not damage the flying vehicle parked on this island, but that's not easy. That's where our parked flying car comes in. First take one agent through the tube, and immediately take the tube back. Some Unguideds will follow him through the tube. Stand ready as they appear through the entrance. Some of them are carrying plasma lances so watch out. You cannot take many lance hits. Some Unguideds will remain on the island. Take three agents trough the tube, and to leave one agent behind to pick you up with the vehicle when the battle's over. Look out for the trigger wire on the island: it will almost always explode as soon as you enter the island. I could never keep the tube from being annihilated.

If you have killed them all you can pick up the trigger wire. The fourth agent can pick up your team and go to the IML point. The action is over. For now, that is.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: Trigger Wire

Possible loot: 250k cr, 2x Plasma Lance, 3x Nuclear Granade, Trigger Wire

This time you are not alone on the map - the Adversaries which control two sectors in bottom right are your allies.

After you start, move a bit and then return at start place - the move will cause several of the nearby Unguided move towards you. There will also be a taxi parking near your starting place - if you're at initial position, you should be able to snipe the passengers without damaging the car. Maybe you'll find a use of it, though there are better vehicles available on the level. The Unguided passengers will have Flamers and a Nuclear Grenade (which they won't be using).

Your Adversaries allow you to get into vehicles in their compounds. At least into one armored flying car, and the tank - the other car patrols constantly, giving you no opportunity to get in.

When you reach the tank, notice that it not only has a very long range, but also rockets start quite high - meaning you can destroy buildings in the elevated Unguided stronghold from below.

One of the Unguided from that evelated area will have a suitcase with 250,000 credits.

Mesh fences are extraoridinarly tough in this game, but you can still destroy them if you fire enough rockets. Any buildings close to such fence will likely fall before the fence itself. Remember to keep your tank at distance - falling fenes do the same damage to vehicles as falling buildings.

The island area can be reached by Transport Tubes, or a flying car, or both. You can easily lure some agents with the tubes - get one into a tube, and on the other end, quickly get the tube back. Some Unguided will follow you - snipe them, retreating during LR Rifle reload. For those who remained on the island, snipe them from a flying car. Using the tubes a second time is a bit dangerous - one Unguided will plant Trigger Wire around the tube just after your first visit. Though if you get stranded on the island, you will be able to use a flying car in which a group of Unguided lands there.

Two Unguided on the island will have Plasma Lances.

In the compound secured by flaming gate, watch out for the three flying cars which throw Nuclear Grenades.

Additional hints

You may use Clone Shield on this level as well, to reach the tank without triggering unguided fire truck, and to avoid attracting enemies when inside the tank.

The Adversaries will only start shooting you if you do it first, otherwise they will be helping you with getting rid of any Unguided you lure towards them.

Your tank will have no problems going up the ramp to the elevated Unguided stronghold.

If you snipe the flying cars with Nuclear Grenades from a position close to the road, they won't notice you and will continue patrolling.

The boats seem to be indestructible.

Destroying flamer pipes does not stop flamer effect at the gate. Similarly destroying the large chimney in the elevated compound does not stop the smoke.

This is New Delhi AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Unguided citizens

Unguided with suitcase


Flying cars with Adversaries

Tank (empty)

Flying car with Unguided landing when you take the tubes

Flying car with Unguided patrolling the island

Taxi car with Unguided armed with Flamers

Fire truck with Unguided armed with Launchers

Flying cars with Unguided armed with Nuclear Grenade