Level index (for /m param): 018
City name on PC: Reykjavik
Map and level files (PC): map079.mad, c079l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 20
Citydrop code name: Deconstruction
First objective: Destroy R&D Facilities

(map018 Reykjavik)

PC Briefing

Blessed One,

Destroy the EuroCorp Advanced R&D Facility near Reykjavik. Eliminate EuroCorp agents on sight.

The history of this place is the very structure of the Church of the New Epoch. Here you will see the raw essence that lead us all to believe. And EuroCorp is defiling it. You must eradicate with extreme force any agents you find here.

You must also destroy all the places where the Nine prepared their minds for the seed of wisdom. It is only material substance, and our faith lives and beats in our hearts. Do not falter. Destroy. No harm will come to the Church now, for the Codex dwells deep inside the minds of the Nine. Only shadows of its wisdom remain in Reykjavik. Be thorough in your work, for the sake of precision.

In holy footsteps.


"Here!" said the Master. "Build me a great tomb in this place." His apprentices did. It glittered in the sun. "Now go inside," said he. They entered. An earthquake then destroyed the tomb, burying those within.

The Master smiled. "Even the faithful are not always chosen.

"This is called sacrifice."

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

For this mission you will need some way of evening the odds against a large force.

I used the Satellite Rain stolen in Beijing; Trigger Wires and Stasis Fields may also work. If you have none of those I suggest a High Explosives trap and lots of practice to time it right.

Lots of red dots on the radar, again.

This time they're all agents - and some of them are agents with Plasma Lances. Take your zealots equipped with rifles to the entrance to the facility and the first two will move to attack you. Kill one with rifles (you'll need all four) and the other with launchers. They have Plasma Lances, so there's not much room for error.

Now walk halfway through the first compound and then turn around and back outside the entrace, to face four agents attacking from the towers to the east. These are not modified and go down to one LR Rifle shot each provided you're set up in time. They're armed with launchers, so try to avoid being shot.

Advance further into the compound, keeping to the left-hand side. You will trigger an attack by four agents from the central building; again, these are not modified and armed only with pulse lasers so are easy kills. You should retreat a bit to get clear LR Rifle shots, though. The difficulty comes if the two agents standing guard over the nearby buildings come with them. These are modified and armed with Plasma Lances. To defeat all six at once, you will need to activate supershields, use your own Plasma Lances on the Lance-armed agents, run away, deactivate supershields and then take on the remaining forces with rifles once they come into range.

There are also agents in each of the buildings to the east; if they have also chased after you then you will probably have to retreat more than once (and you will find automedikits useful). If they haven't they can be lured out and shot with rifles too - they are not modified so one shot each will do.

At this point all that remains are the two agents behind the silos, the two guarding the passageway to the east and the two stationed in the east. The agents behind the silos are largely harmless so I recommend leaving them to last.

Walk behind the building the first set of agents came out of and you will have rifle or launcher angles on the first pair of agents; they will attack you but are unmodified and present little threat provided you've restocked on energy and reloaded weapons. Then advance through that passageway and take on the second pair - they will probably get one or two launcher shots off but nothing you can't survive.

Now destroy the right-most silo at the top with launchers and shoot the agent behind it - he's carrying a flamer, so don't let him get too close. The one on the left has KO gas, which may be slightly dangerous unless you have level 3 body by now (I did, so he didn't even try to attack me). Blow up everything you need to with launchers here, wait for your energy to recharge then take the tubes to the small compound at the top. The agent here has a plasma lance, but there's only one of him, so LR Rifles will do the trick. Destroy this too - you can try saving the scientist but there's a big battle to come and you don't have much time, so probably not worth persuading him.

Right, now you have two flying cars incoming and three agents and nine operatives have landed at the IML link. Deal with the cars first, and don't leave the compound. Switch to plasma lances and blast them - they'll be shooting back with their own lances, but cars go down fast to the plasma lance so you should be fine. Use supershields if necessary.

When you leave the compound, the agents and operatives near the IML will move to intercept you. Now is the time to use whatever evening the numbers trick you have. Retreat into the compound and lay trigger wire across the entrance, trigger Satellite Rain (you want to use it just after they start moving) and retreat into the compound, set up stasis fields covering the entrance. I used Satellite Rain and had to finish a couple of stragglers with rifles, but catching almost the entire ambush in that was very satisfying.

With all opposition dead, stroll to the IML for mission complete. You may want to artificially prolong the mission to give your scientists a better chance to research the plasma lance which will be very useful in Cape Town; but it is not essential.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Moderate

New research:

New weapons: none

Possible loot: Plasma Lances, 1 Scientist, Agents

Unfinished - use another walkthrough.

If you have Clone Shields, good initial approach is to put them on, run into the compound, and hide behind one of the large round silos. When you deactivate Clone Shields, the Agents will spawn and come for you. But they have Launchers, and are not really good at using them from behind a round building - they will kill themselves with the rockets.

Tech ex machina

All civilians in this city have UZIs.

You have to specifically kill some of the Agents on the level. It may still be worth to persuade, they will die anyway. And if they somehow survive to the last objective, which is "Eliminate Agents" - just run away from them and then kill them with Launchers. Not all Agents need to be killed to complete the mission.

Agents on this level do not carry High Explosives. This means they are worth to persuade as cannon fodder. And there is even a chance that you will bring one or two back, probably fully modded with everything v3 (the chances of survival for the unmodded Agents you persuade are quite slim).

The Evacuation Ambush party spawns when you destroy the silo building behind the Agent wielding Flamer.

The two flying cars with Agents will sometimes stay at their spawn point instead of going after your Agents. This seem to happen when you're in the middle of tube transport, or inside a short building, during their spawn.

You were blessed by this premonition from Reykjavik episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

|⨁ Eurocorp Agents, triggers and locations

|⨁ Agents with Launchers trigger and spawn point

|⨁ Agents with Plasma Lances trigger and spawn point


Flying cars with Agents spawn point

Evac ambush party Agents

Evac ambush party Adversaries