Level index (for /m param): 017
City name on PC: Johannesburg
Map and level files (PC): map022.mad, c022l003.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 04
Citydrop code name: Foundations
First objective: Acquire funds

(map017 Johannesburg)

PC Briefing

You are blessed.

Our foundations are strong and expensive. The two gold-laden armoured cars which we are tracking in Johannesburg will feed our hungry coffers. Take them. Your cause is righteous.

Our cause proceeds apace. The mind-warpers of the Syndicate will soon answer for their crimes. We seek to bring this day of judgment forward but we require funds in order to match the worldly might of EuroCorp.

The Nine have given us the Codex. This holy book is the blueprint of our salvation. Yet we must pay a price for each chapter we turn into reality. This we call research. So it is that the more material wealth we acquire, the closer we are to possessing the minds of gods.

Go to Johannesburg, where EuroCorp's logistical bottleneck has resulted in a backlog of bullion shipments. The bullion is delivered in armoured cars, to vaults which are kept under constant guard. It takes two armoured cars to deliver a shipment. Hijack them both and take them to the designated pick-up point. We urge that you do not enter or attack the heavily guarded stronghold. You will find other ways to lay your palms on the money. Use your mind and not just your firepower.


Remember, the meek shall inherit nothing.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


We are tracking bullion cars in Johannesburg. Our foundations are strong, but expensive. You must take these vehicles, your cause is righteous.

Now you should upgrade, and sell any unwanted equipment. Also, stick to the Minigun - it is the most effective weapon so far.

The mission will begin showing a Eurocorp agent delivering money to a bank. This is you target. As soon as you approach the bank, wait until the bullion shipment is over, then the armored vehicle will go to another location. Take one agent there, and plant an explosive outside the vehicle. This should drain most of its health. Then destroy it with Minigun fire. Kill the lone agent outside the nearby bunker, then take the money and depart.


You should have gotten some money, and researched the Disruptor.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

Speed is all important.

As soon as the mission starts, run your agents towards the Syndicate compound in the opposite corner from where you start. Stop at the corner opening up onto the car park. Now, you should have two long range rifles from the previous mission. Equip them, and snipe the two operatives standing on the edge of the car park. This will attract attention from the compound; operatives will move towards you, one and two at a time. By alternating fire from your two acolytes with LR Rifles you should be able to pick them all off before they can do any damage. Retreat down the road if you must, but you need to kill all the acolytes quickly.

Once they are all dead, run into the compound and take position at the top of the ramp. The bullion convoy will arrive shortly and the agents and operatives will run towards you. Kill the agent with LR Rifle fire, and then you can go toe-to-toe with the Operatives with Uzis (or miniguns, if you're researched them). Focus your fire, put the drugs in the red, and you shouldn't lose anyone.

Grab the briefcase and any weapons you want from the dead guards. Get in the armored bullion car, and drive back to the IML link (I recommend going all the way to the edge of the map and then down). Syndicate operatives will come out of it as you approach; stay in the car and gun them down, then exit and dash for the IML.

Mission accomplished.

If you blew up the bank in Buenos Aires as well, you should have over two million credits by now, which is quite a warchest. Now is probably a good time to start buying mods for your acolytes if you haven't already.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: Electron Mace

New weapons: Razor Wire

Possible loot: 1800k cr, 1 Scientist

There are two suitcases on this level: one carried by the agent who is missing target (with 1,600,000 credidts), and another carried by an executive guarded near the small house (with 200,000 credidts).

We will focus at the large prize carried by the Agent. Just remember to get the other one as well.

The agent will walk from Bank to the convoy vehicle a few times, but soon all three convoy cars will start moving.

Mission description suggests you should atack the cars while they're on route. You can try that, but it isn't as easy as you may think, unless you have an Ion Mine, or you know how to block the road with another vehicle.

You do have a car at your disposal, from the very start of this mission. A civilian car stops near your start point, and is left unoccupied.

When the convoy reaches its destination, all the 3 cars will get completely empty, with only drivers standing next to each vehicle. Four Adversaries with Miniguns will start following you at this point. Kill them, or persuade, if you gathered enough persuasion power by getting at least 3 Police officers.

Now run to the convoy, and enter one of the armored cars. The drivers standing next to each car will not shoot you - do not focus on them. Wait for the Adversaries comming from elevated areas to attack. Get rid of them when they're focusing fire on the vehicle.

Then kill the Agent. Entering the building and shooting all around you inside the building will work - the Agent will respond fire, and then you can make your agents respond using drugs. Remember to un-equip Persuadertron when entering that building. Get the suitcase the Agent dropped.

Expect an ambush durting evacuation - Adversaries will use Transport Tubes in the sector with IML Station, and run towards you.

When finalizing evacuation, more Adversaries will show up at the IML Station when you are close. If you have enough persuasion power, you may just run to the station normally, and the Adversaries will get persuaded.

Additional hints

You need to kill the Agent to get the money. Persuading him will not work.

This is Johannesburg AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Empty civilian car parking place

Police officers

Police with Razor Wire

Civilian executive with suitcase


Final location of target agent with suitcase

Final locations of convoy vehicles