Level index (for /m param): 016
City name on PC: New Delhi
Map and level files (PC): map027.mad, c027l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 17
Citydrop code name: Armour Of The Gods
First objective: Eliminate Eurocorp personnel controlling river port

(map016 New Delhi)

PC Briefing

Disciple, your aura feeds our strength.

The Syndicate has lost control of Delhi to the Unguided. Riding armour stolen from their vanquished foes, the heretic unbelievers bring desolation to every quarter. They are false prophets, all of them. Send them to the Cataclysm.

Those who use such infernal weaponry against us must pay the ultimate price. There is no honour in destroying machines, and there is considerable danger.

Tread carefully as you make your way towards the island. Secure that first.

Be full of spirit.


The brave hide behind technology. The stupid hide from it. But the clever have technology, and hide it.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

The Unguided here are less well armed or organised than in Beijing, but they do have a couple of arguably clever set pieces for you, and also a tank.

Anyway, ignore the mission objective, because to get to the Eurocorp guys we're going to be knee-deep in Unguided. They'll start off by attacking you from all directions, running down the edge of the map to attack you from behind; wait for them to come into rifle range and kill them - in fact your agents will likely do it for you. One may get stuck in a corner - he's no threat, save him for last.

You'll see from the map the surviving Unguided are concentrated in two facilities - the side of the docks that we're on, and a smaller one across the road from it. There's also the tank in the fenced area near where you start. There will probably be two on patrol in the region surrounded by roads near where we start; they have no support and are easy to take down with rifles.

You can do the tank next, or the first half of the docks compound. I did the latter.

Line your agents up opposite the entrance and take an LR Rifle shot at the nearest Unguided. All the remaining ones in this near section of the compound will come out after you in their ones and twos, just like back in Rome and equally hopelessly. Shoot them down but don't bother entering the compound - the small gap you have to get through to reach the other Unguided this way is trapped and will explode. We'll go around.

Now for the tank.

Tanks have a lot of shield strength but are slow to move and turn and their launchers take a while to lock on, so you can attempt to circle-strafe them (run in a circle while firing launchers when they're loaded), or you can just take cover behind buildings and pop out to fire the launchers when ready. Either way the tank shouldn't last very long, and don't be afraid to retreat to heal up if it hits you a couple of times since it doesn't pursue.

After this comes the small compound.

There's not many troops in here so you can basically walk up to LR rifle range and start shooting, but when you do, be on the lookout for Unguided coming down the street towards you. Everyone in here should go down easily enough, though you may have to switch to launchers or electron maces to finish the last few off.

Now, there's a flying car behind the skyscraper here, but as you might guess from all the dead bodies, an ambush is waiting for you as you approach. It's only six unguided, so you can take them out in a straight fight with rifles, launchers and maces, but if you're not paying attention it will get you killed.

Once they're dead, go and get the car.

Take off, and fly just over the wall dividing this area from the docks compound. If you've placed your car well, you should be able to shoot most of the Unguided in this area without recieving much return fire. Otherwise, don't be afraid to hit and run, and once all of the Unguided have left this area then land the car and take on the attacking units on foot - you don't want to take a chance with vehicle shields. Fly out over the water and shoot all the Syndicate Operatives you can get in range of, staying out of range of their weapons if you can, then land to kill any survivors.

Fly back to the mainland, take out any surviving unguided, and you're done.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: Displacertron

New weapons: Displacertron

Possible loot: Displacertron

Mission peculiarity: Can be failed

Unfinished - look at other walkthroughs.

Tech ex machina

Destroying a building close to the tank will consume third of its hit points. Three buildings destroyed with correct timing, and the tank is gone without any need of direct confrontation.

For some reason, destroying a mesh fence is harder than destroying a bulding. But both can be destroyed, with enough Launcher shots.

This mission can be failed without consequences. It disappears after it's failed.

You were blessed by this premonition from New Delhi episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Unguided citizens


Adversary with Displacertron

Flying car (empty)

Unguided ambush spawn place

Tank with Unguided

Flying cars with Unguided

Exploding buildings