Mission index (for /m param): 013
City name on PC: London
Map and level files (PC): map030.mad, c030l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 12
Citydrop code name: Audacity
First objective: Assassinate the Profesor's assistant

(map013 London)

PC Briefing

Greetings, Acolyte.

We have a daring plan for you. We want you to abduct a high-ranking Syndicate executive, under the nose of EuroCorp security, from their London headquarters.

Professor Kurt Drennan is a key member of EuroCorp's research and development programme. EuroCorp agents have learned of our Reykjavik discoveries. Drennan is scheduled to brief chief EuroCorp executives at a meeting in London. At the same time, he is due to be assigned a new assistant. Deal firmly with this replacement. Direct the blessed Mirabelle to take her place at the proper time and Drennan will be delivered into our hands.

Once Mirabelle has successfully taken the real assistant's place, she will have to remain incognito and act appropriately while Drennan delivers his presentation. Immediately afterwards, the professor is due to leave by car for another engagement. As long as you ensure that Mirabelle leaves in the same car, Drennan will never make that next appointment. With our prayers, Drennan should prove most willing to make his confession.

Your spirit shall walk with the Nine for eternity.


A hundred elephants can wreck the outer walls of a fortress. One diseased rat can kill all those inside.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

I could say that this is the first hard mission, but actually "unfair" would be a better word.

We're back with Mirabelle Lucy de Saxo, which is bad enough, and to top it off, this time we have no weapons. It doesn't get much better either. Anyway, head up towards the carpark, where a firefight is about to break out between some Unguided and a rather elite Syndicate agent armed with a launcher. You'd better hope the agent wins (she usually does). Grab a weapon, ideally an LR rifle, from one of the dead bodies. Don't wield it yet.

Drennan's assisstant will shortly arrive in the car park. When she gets out of her car, wield your weapon and kill her. Make sure you're not in the sight range of any of the Eurocorp agents when you do or they'll kill you. Once she's dead, put your gun away and walk to join Drennan. Get in the car and head for the ramp near the next mission objective.

The building you need to go to is up a ramp, but when you get to the top this area will be hit with Satellite Rain, (which makes no plot sense, but this is a walkthrough, not literary criticism), so dash back out again before returning to pick up the briefcase. Then get back in the car. The next objective looks close enough to walk to, but if you do, Unguided will spawn as you exit the gate and kill either you or Drennan.

So, back in the car, whose shields will buy you enough time to let the Syndicate beat off the Unguided. Drive to the podium, get out, walk onto it, wait during Drennan's speech, moving around if necessary so he gets to the podium, get back in the car and drive to the exit point.

Nothing hard...provided you know about all the traps in advance.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: none

New weapons: Nuclear Grenade

Possible loot: none

You are controlling miss De Saxo. You need to kill assistant of prof Drennan, and take her place to abduct the professor.

Go to the parking where real assistant will arrive. Before her, three Unguided groups will appear there; while the third one will just enter the hoverbike and ride to Eurocorp base, the former two will attack the Police and Eurocorp agents instead. Good for you - they will leave a few weapons to choose from. Actually the mission would fail without them, as there is no mechanics of murdering someone with your bare hands.

While selecting the weapon, you should prefer LR Rifle - for the other weapons you must be closer to the assistant, which may scare her off. After the assistant is dead, drop the weapon immediatelly - both the Police and Eurocorp Agents will notice that you're wielding a weapon, even if it's not in your hand.

Go near Drennan, and he will start following you. Next objective will be to pick up the suitcase with him. Don't go by foot - take the assistant car. The professor is very fragile, so using a car highly increases your chances for success.

As soon as you pass the ramp inside Eurocorp base, an Unguided flying car will appear. Two Nuclear Grenades will be thrown from it, causing the silo closest to the remp to collapse.

Go to the top of the ramp, just enough for the game to register you passed it, and then run back down. If the professor is up the ramp when the silos falls, he will likely not survive.

Now you can go pick up the suitcase. Click close to where you are - otherwise you may lead Drennan into a fire.

Then you are asked to go to the podium. It is close to the gate of Eurocorp base, but you should still take your armored car. There will be Ungided attacking as soon as you cross the gate of Eurocorp base. Wait until all are dead before exiting the car.

Go to the podium, and all the tricky parts are done. You still need to wait for Drennan lecture to end, and then go back to the car and evacuate. But there will be no other obstacles.

Tech ex machina

Sometimes the fight between Unguided and the Agents may lead to Drennans death before you even kill the assistant. If it happens, just restart. It is relatively rare though.

The car whish shoots Nuclear Grenades gets shot down soon after that. You can actually find a Nuclear Grenade dropped from it, laying on a road. Though since you don't get to keep anything you pick up, all you can do with it is to check how it works.

You drop currently wielded weapon with 'z' key.

You were blessed by this premonition from London episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Unguided groups

Unguided hoverbike

Unguided ambush after leaving Eurocorp base

Drennans assistant parking place

Suitcase to retrieve

Nuclear Granade explosions

London Podium

Bank (empty)