Level index (for /m param): 009
City name on PC: Johannesburg
Map and level files (PC): map022.mad, c022l001.d1,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 16
Citydrop code name: The Special Agent
First objective: Persuade Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo

(map009 Johannesburg)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Johannesburg: Initiate drone connection immediately and take control of Agent Wu. Seek out and persuade Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo.

Executive, once again this is London AI.

I now have the UTOPIA identkey of the cult agent who abducted Professor Drennan. She is Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo IK-771.6482.2002, currently located in Johannesburg.

I have just received this information from a retired EuroCorp agent whose antique cyber-technology has nevertheless enabled him to survive independently, since downtime began. His name is Wu. Because of Wu's extreme resourcefulness, I have done a deal with him. Wu will give me access to all his higher level cerebral functions for one more mission. If he successfully completes it, I will build myself more bubble memory and make his consciousness a part of my own, as soon as UTOPIA is restored. I want Wu to try to persuade De Saxo. I suspect her of being able to detect our agents.

Wu has already equipped himself with one of the Church's modified Persuadertrons and is fully prepared for the task ahead of him. If he succeeds, almost eternal consciousness is his.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Johannesburg: Persuade Mirabelle Lucy DeSaxo

Recommended Equipment: Whatever you can steal!

Guide: You start this mission with just one agent, armed with a Persuadertron and LR Rifle. De Saxo is impossible to catch, so you just have to keep scaring her into moving on. A Zealot immediately attacks you, so shoot him and nick his Minigun. If you want, you can steal an Electron Mace by killing another of the Zealots in the area (walk a little to the north and one will attack you).

Now go up the transporter tube just to the east of the start point. Once you arrive at the top you'll be attacked by lots of Zealots. You've no chance of defeating them all, so just use your supershield and leg it for the exit tube. The point of going up there was to spook De Saxo into moving. Run for it and pick off the Zealots which chase you.

When the coast is clear, grab the nearby bike (on the corner just to the northeast) and head to the car park next to the roundabout in the northeast corner. Get out and walk south across the road and pick off one of the Zealots using the LR Rifle. More Zealots will come out and chase you. Run away and pick them off, then go and grab a Launcher off one of the dead bodies. Go back into the compound where the Launcher Zealot was and pick off any more Zealots (one of whom has a Flamer).

Head up the ramp at the east end of the car park. Proceed through the buildings to the south until you reach a garden. Lure out the Zealots (one of whom has a Launcher), then run away, picking them off one by one. Now head through the shuttle tube and either use the Flamer on the three Zealots, or activate the supershield and run for the exit tube. The lower compound should be clear, as you shot all the Zealots earlier.

De Saxo will now have moved to the temple in the northwest corner. As soon as you approach it, she'll get spooked again and run for the IML Link. Now go there yourself to complete the mission.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Persuade Cultist agent Mirabella Lucy De Saxo. She was responsible for the abduction of Professor Drennan. Her skill would be better utilized by Eurocorp.

If you played the original Syndicate, you should be familiar with Agent Wu who will conduct this mission. Upgrade your agents, although they will be taking a break for this mission.

All you have is an LR rifle to you name. Kill the church member that approaches you, and take his minigun. Now scope out the map. You will notice, that Church activity is high in this area. There is a bank you could rob it by taking an explosive from a dead Zealot, but you won't live too long after. I recommend heading straight to the target. Use the lifts by just walking on the red tile. When you arrive, De Saxo will be escorted to another location. Deal with the church members here, now proceed to the next target point. You will notice, that the only way to get to her is by going through an elevated area with a lot of church members. Walk near the entrance and use the LR Rifle to kill the guards and the rest. Beware, one has a launcher, and another a flame thrower. Use the rifle. Run, turn back and shoot again, until they are all dead. Now go to the other area in the corner, and kill the church members at the end. Take the lift and De Saxo will escape again. Your next target is the temple in the corner of the map. Just walk near it, and a mission update will say De Saxo has fled. Now just evacuate.


Another hard mission, considering you had just one agent at your disposal. But you should have researched the Plasma lance, the best weapon in the game.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Persuade Lucy de Saxo and bring her back alive.


The woman that abducted Professor Drennan has been located in Johannesburg. Her name is Lucy de Saxo . This information was provided by an old agent, called Wu. He is going to try to persuade her. If he succeeds, Wu can become one of us again.


This Mission is quite hard because you only have one agent to work with. And he is only equipped with a long-range rifle and a persuadertron. Fortunately a local weapon provider is coming to Wu when the Mission starts. It's a Church member who is going to try to take him out. Use the long-range rifle (it's the only weapon you have for now). Pick up the weapon of the dead Zealot. At least you have a minigun now. It's quite good, but we shall need a better weapon to win this mission.

What about a rocket launcher? Walk to the motorcycle with the two dead Unguideds. Take the street going northwards. At the end of it, at the crossroad, you'll see two agents guarding an entrance on the right. They will provide you with the launchers, but they are not just going to give them to you. You will have to fire two long-range rifle shots at each agent to take him out. Just keep on moving as they fire back with their launchers: they are not using the automatic target button so their rockets can be easily avoided. Pick up the rocket launchers when they are dead.

Our target Lucy is in a guarded area. Three tubes provide the only entrance to it. You cannot use the middle one: that's only for cargo. Then there's one to get in, and one to get out. Don't try to fight the Zealots in the guarded area. There are too many buildings standing in your way to use the launchers. No, we are just going to say hello to them: put your red drug to the maximum and use your shield. Pop in, run to the other tube and pop out.

Run away from the tube. The Zealots will leave the area and use the tube to pursue you. Fire your launcher at the end of the tube as the Zealots appear. Easy, isn't it? There are a lot of them, but if your energy is draining out, run away to a safer place and wait for a few seconds. The Zealots will wait also, because they would rather attack in a group. One of them is carrying a medikit, by the way. Be sure to pick it up.

As you have taken them out, you think your Mission is over, don't you? Wrong. Lucy is gone; she's not in the guarded area anymore. She fled to another guarded Mission area on the map. Walk towards this area. The target area is connected to two other areas by tubes. As always, there's one tube to get in (located in the small rectangle area), and another tube to get out (in the bigger area). First we will have to clear those two areas. Let's take the big area first. As you approach the entrance, three Zealots will come out of a building. Use your rocket launcher. As you want to pass the gate, a smart Zealot drops a high explosive. You can try to pick up the explosive but you have to be very fast then. This is not recommended, but if you succeed you can use the explosive later on. You can better run away as fast as you can. The explosive will make another entrance to the area because it creates a hole in the gate.

The remaining agents in the area can easily be taken out with the launcher. They will not attack in group -- you can take them out one by one.

When this area is safe, we have to deal with the small rectangle area that provides the tube entrance to Lucy de Saxo. Again some agents are guarding the tube, but this time lure them away by shooting the first one with the long-range rifle. Then run to the grass field before the building. The Zealots are carrying launchers, but they will use them while they are passing these buildings. The rockets will never reach you, but they will hit the walls. Most of them will kill themselves this way. If someone does gets through, you can use your launcher to finish him off. Before you use the tube you can see that three Epoch agents guard the tube on the other side. Wait until your energy and health is fully restored before you use the tube. Now comes the tricky part.

The best thing you can do after you arrive at the area is to run away to a more open place. There you can attack them with the launcher. It will take a little bit of luck in here. I hope you have the auto-medikit. When the area is clear you may think again that the Mission is over. Wrong: Lucy has escaped again. But the hard part of this Mission is over: what remains is quite easy.

Lucy is now located at the right corner below of the map. Get over there and use some launcher hits to alert the Epoch agents. As you try to reach Lucy, she will escape again, but this time she will leave the city and escape. Wu's Mission failed. Too bad for him. Walk back to the IML link. Our regular EuroCorp agents will finish the job in the next mission.

Message ends.

(map scheme)

Start point


Zealots with Launchers

Flying cars which help Lucy escape

Useable cars

Bank (empty)