Level index (for /m param): 008
City name on PC: London
Map and level files (PC): map030.mad, c030l001.d3,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 13
Citydrop code name: Duplicity
First objective: Protect executives

(map008 London)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


London: Provide maximum security for the Chief Executive meeting.

Listen, Executive. This is London Artificial Intelligence. I have new information and orders for you.

I now know more about the Church of the New Epoch. The C3 did indeed construct a human intelligence-enhancing device, more effective than anything in conventional cybernetics.

Against the orders of Ko-Paull Vissick, certain members of the group then used the experimental cerebral amplifier they had made, on themselves. C3 member Tyrone Chodak was the first to use the device. He also maintained the mission logbook. Several of the log's entries refer to a second book which Chodak began writing to explain some of the scientific theories his enhanced brain was now capable of formulating. He called this second log book the 'Codex' and, thanks to you, we now have a copy. Its entries consist of intensely complex mathematics, quantum physics, genetics and some brand new work in fields as diverse as unified force mechanics and evolutionary cognition. The Codex contains enough revolutionary science to keep every AI in UTOPIA busy for years. London AI is going to do the best it can to study it alone.

From the mission log, it seems there was a power struggle between Chodak and Vissick, climaxing in an explosion that wrecked the C3's Reykjavik facility. In his notes, Chodak accused Vissick - who was nowhere to be found after the explosion - of sabotage. Chodak also charges EuroCorp with complicity and threatened to use technology derived from the Codex to completely annihilate the Syndicate. The rest of the C3 followed Chodak's lead.

The explosion at Reykjavik and the disappearance of the C3 both happened less than forty-eight hours before the Harbinger virus hit UTOPIA.

Analysis of your agents' attack on the Nuuk Cathedral uncovered Cult dogma inscribed on walls and pillars, which refers mysteriously to 'The Nine'. It is reasonable to deduce that the Nine and the C3 are one and the same and, therefore, that the Church of the New Epoch is merely a front for carrying out Chodak's threats to destroy the Syndicate.

This means we are up against EuroCorp's former intellectual elite, equipped with advanced technologies, as well as the wildcard Vissick who is giving guidance to the Unguided.

Professor Kurt Drennan will give our department heads an immediate strategy briefing, here in London. Drennan and his aide are scheduled to collect a copy of the Codex for the presentation in New Hyde Park. Our recently reconstructed Chief Executive group will be in attendance. The area will be monitored by local police, who are now under our direct control.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Provide maximum security for the chief of executives meeting.


The origin of the Church of the New Epoch is finally revealed. The C3 team indeed manufactured a human intelligence-enhancing device. But against the orders of Paul Vissick, certain members used it on themselves. Tyrone Chodak was the first person to do this. He kept a logbook of this event, and it refers many times to a second book called the CODEX. It's now in our hands (thanks to the successful Mission in Reykjavik). It explains all enhanced abilities of the human intelligence device, and our labs our researching it. According to their Mission log, there was a struggle between Chodak and Vissick, climaxing in an explosion. Chodak accused Vissick of sabotage. Chodak also claimed the EuroCorp was involved. Vissick disappeared and became the guide of the Unguided. All other members of C3 followed Chodak.

The explosion and the disappearance of the C3 happened 48 hours before the Harbinger-virus strike. Your Mission in Nuuk revealed that the Church is often referred to as "The Nine". It's logical to deduce that "The Nine" and the former C3 are one and the same. The Church of the new Epoch is a front to carry out Chodak's orders.

Kurt Drennan and his aide are going to give a strategy meeting, based on the CODEX findings, with our chief of executives in London. Our EuroCorp team will have to protect the meeting against Unguided attacks.


This Mission is quite unique. First off, the police are in a rare alliance with you. Don't attack them as usual because you will need their help. Secondly, your team will have to split up. Switching between them at the right moment is the key for winning this mission. At start, one team (3,4) will be located with professor Drennan, and the other team (1,2) is protecting the executives. Assign two leaders for each team. Most of the Unguided you will encounter will have long-range rifles. To attack them with only one agent would be suicide.

The (3,4)-team will have to act quickly after the start of the mission. Leave the professor behind for a moment, and first attack the unarmed Unguideds who are in the neighbourhood. From the other side of the road, 5 Unguideds are on their way to (1,2), but (3,4) is quite near, so intercept them. As previously mentioned they are carrying long-range rifles. A long-range shot with the launcher can kill 3 of them at once (especially at their first arrival because they are quite close together). The other 2 can then be killed by the miniguns.

Another quite effective way to eliminate them is by using the flamer when they appear from the alley between the two buildings. All this must happen very quickly because one other female Unguided is closing in to the professor, who we left alone. Run back at full speed. Use the red drug. Kill her quickly. Now would be the time to use a medikit if you need it, because another team of 5 Unguideds are going to attack you. Use the same strategy here: use the launcher and miniguns.

Now it's time for the (1,2) team to do something. While you worked with the (3,4) team, an attack was being performed by some Unguideds in a vehicle, but the police are intercepting them quite effectively. They can handle this alone, but you'll need all the policemen you've got so help them a little bit. Watch out for the explosion of the vehicle. For the next few minutes your team can recover a little bit, while the aide is coming to pick up Kurt Drennan. She's coming on foot so it will take a while. Professor Drennan will follow her, but the professor does not seem to like walking because they'll take a car. Be sure that your (3,4) is in the car too.

When the car stops, get out and follow them. Suddenly an Unguided vehicle will come and attack you. Handling them fast is the key here because another attack to the (1,2) team is imminent. Try the launcher just after the landing of the vehicle because they will still be standing in a group then. The favourite minigun will finish the job.

Now quickly revert to the (1,2) team. Most of the Unguideds will have miniguns. Only a few of them (the females) possess long-range rifles. Kill those Unguideds first because they aim at your executives from a long range. Then kill the other ones with miniguns. In the mean time the professor and the aide are coming back on foot. Three Unguideds are planning to attack them; again, the female is carrying the long-range rifle. Intercept them with the (1,2) team.

That's it. Once the aide and the professor have joined the executives meeting, they will all leave. But look: two of them are taking a car and driving away! What's going on? See Mission REF 14!

Defeating those last three attacks like I described above is possible, but the first and second attack are almost happening simultaneously. So why should we not use the spare time we have while the aide is walking to the professor? Go to the corner of the map: you can find the Unguided car that would attack you later in the game there. If you destroy it with the launchers now, you will have an easier Mission later on.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 2 Scientists

You are to protect three people: two Scientists and a civilian.

Right after the game starts, select Agent #3 - he is (with #4) closest to the first Ungiuded. Go in the direction marked ① and kill one Unguided there. Then quickly move towards ② - there, one Unguided will get off a flying bike - destroy it.

At the moment you should have all four Agents with you. You can get on a hoverbike. Quickly eliminate the groups marked ③, ④, ⑤ and you have a moment of rest. Watch out for ④ - they want to get on the bike from the parking lot!

You can use your free time to get on the Police flying car (they allow you to do anything) and preventively take out ⑥ (they will not move, but be careful - they have Launcher).

If you hurry back, you have some time again - it will take a while for the protected people to walk to the package. When they pick it up, three more groups will appear. Crush them and wait for "Mission complete".

Finally, you can perusade the Scientists and pick up some weapons.

Additional hints

If you collect the package before the protected people get there, you will not receive any additional funds or benefits.

There is nothing in the bank, no other gains.

This is London AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start points

Unguided groups

Motor later used by Unguided