Level index (for /m param): 007
City name on PC: Reykjavik
Map and level files (PC): map079.mad, c079l001.d2,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 12
Citydrop code name: Dark Angels In The Architecture
First objective: Persuade C3 scientists

(map007 Reykjavik)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Reykjavik: Find out what happened to the C3 project. Activate the IML link to Nuuk.

Nuuk: Conduct a full sweep of the city.

Congratulations on achieving your latest objectives.

It is imperative that your agents take immediate advantage of access to the trans-polar IML. Send your team to Reykjavik to investigate the C3 research site in Reykjavik. It is difficult to advise you what sort of presence you might expect to find there but, given the sensitive nature of the site, your agents should be on maximum alert. Recover evidence of the status of the C3 programme.

Additional: Since CHIP downtime began, Nuuk has remained completely sealed off from the outside world. There have been reports of Cult activity around the city's outer perimeter but nothing has reached us from inside the city itself. Nuuk is directly connected to Reykjavik via IML. The link may still be open from Reykjavik. When you have completed the Reykjavik stage of your mission, find and, if necessary, activate the Nuuk IML link. Proceed to Nuuk and investigate the situation there.

Remain vigilant!


PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Find out what happened with the C3 project.


Using the IML link in Christchurch you must proceed to Reykjavik and try to find out what happened to the C3 project. Recover evidence if possible from the C3 programme. We don't know what to expect in Reykjavik.


The Mission objective becomes clearer when you start your drone connection. There are two scientists, and it seems like they are just waiting to be persuaded. Wishful thinking I'm afraid. This is one of my favourite missions. It's also a key Mission for the story.

Zealots guard the entrance to the first scientist. Approach them from the OTHER side (not from the side you are dropped). Kill the Zealots armed with launchers. There's one Zealot that is going to drop a high explosive in the building in front of the entrance. Let him do his job, then take him out. The building will not collapse from the explosive. At least, as long as no launcher hits occurred. Three other Zealots will come out of the entrance. Fire four launcher rockets to the building when they are close enough to it. The building will be destroyed, and will take the three Zealots with it.

Take the entrance that leads to another entrance further north. Place a high explosive, then get the attention of the first Zealot. A bunch of agents will notice you suddenly but the high explosive will put an end to that. The remaining agents can be taken out with launchers or long range rifles. (It's your choice.) No time to rest! As soon as the last Zealot gets killed, a Zealot will come out of a building to the east. Kill him as fast as you can, because he will try to destroy the Reykjavik base with a high explosive. Pick up the explosive to be sure that it can not damage anything.

No time to rest before part II! A second self-destruct attempt of the Reykjavik base is underway! A flying car arrives, with one Zealot agent. He will ignore you and run more northwards of the base to drop an explosive. Take him out. He's quite tough but four long-range rifles should do it. Don't use launchers because it could damage the R&D facility or set off the explosive that he's carrying. Pick up the high explosive when he's killed.

No time to rest before part III, either! A new group of zealots are coming from the town towards the first entrance. To recover, take the flying car from the Zealots. Fly it to a safe place, until your health is recovered. The Zealots will start to hunt you, no matter where you are. Just keep on flying through the town using and use the long-range rifles and launchers to kill the Zealots. If you have dealt with them, fly towards the first entrance again. Do not pass the wall to the area of our scientist. Use your launchers, and fire 8 shots into the blue and yellow barrels. A combination of high explosives and psycho gas from the barrels will take out 4 Zealots agents. Now you can safely fly over the wall and land. Take out the 4 remaining agents that are wandering around the area and persuade the scientist. Get back into the car.

The second scientist should not be approached through the tube. The scientist will immediately play hide and seek: if you take the tube in he will take the tube out. The car makes it a lot easier. Fly around the two guards and the two laser stations, and fly directly towards the scientist. Arm yourself with the persuadertrons. He will immediately be persuaded, and the "mission successful" banner will appear. The Mission is over.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New research: Automedikit (always)

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 2 Scientists

After destroying the entrance guards, prepare yourself before killing Zealots from the second sector. That is the hard part of this mission.

One of the Zealots drops High Explosive which will destroy part of the base, unless you collect it. When that Zealot leaves the building (at the time you'll be taking care of him), new Zealot group who spawned in the upper right corner of the map, will already be comming for you. One of them will be in a flying car, and will reach you first, then land. After eliminating him (and taking the bomb he had), get into the flying car, and escape to the hills. From there, you can snipe the rest of the spawners - they will be following you.

The crucial thing there is to not allow High Explosives to blow. If they do, they will either destroy crucial facility and the mission will fail, or will destroy your flying car, making the next part a bit harder.

Be very careful when taking Scientist from the building - there's a Zealot with him, not seen on map. Fortunately, when you come near, the Scrintist will panick and leave, making the Zealot easier to deal with.

To get Scientist at the edge of the map, it is best to fly - in the Transport Tube someone gets often stuck. If you do need to use tubes, place an agent with Persuadertron next to incomming tube, and enter outgoing one with any other agent. The Scientist will try to escape through the tube.

You don't need to evacuate, fortunately. After two Scientists are persuaded, mission is complete.

This is Reykjavik AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Zealots with High Explosive

Car landing spot, Zealot with High Explosive exits


Zealot reinforement spawn point