Mission index (for /m param): 003
City name on PC: Beijing
Map and level files (PC): map032.mad, c032l001.d1,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 02
Citydrop code name: Friendly Persuasion
First objective: Persuade Yamaguchi executives

(map003 Beijing)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong: Persuade Yamaguchi power plant technicians.

Beijing: Persuade Yamaguchi corporation executives.

Congratulations. Detroit has been successfully stabilised. However, the chaos brought by the Harbinger virus has spread elsewhere. Syndicate communications are being intercepted globally. Unauthorised order codes are being issued all over UTOPIA. Regional EuroCorp divisions are isolating themselves for their own security, effectively creating new syndicates in the process. These must be brought back under the control of EuroCorp where possible. Otherwise they will have to be destroyed.

In Hong Kong, Yamaguchi Holodata, the Pacific Rim's major UTOPIA CHIP manufacturer, is attempting to establish an independent syndicate. We intend to undermine Yamaguchi's plans in two key strikes.

The Yamaguchi corporation's main power supply comes from the Hong Kong fusion plant. Send a team of agents to penetrate this site and persuade the technicians to join us. Without the technicians' attention, the core will overload, causing an explosion. Destroying this station should be enough to keep Yamaguchi pre-occupied for a while.

To complete the blow against Yamaguchi, pay a visit to their Beijing offices. Locate and persuade their chief executives. Neutralise any agents you encounter. As London AI's mission simulations indicate a need for more agents to complement those in stasis in our cryovats, you are authorised to use the persuadertron at your discretion.

By the time you complete your objectives, Yamaguchi should be eager to discard any notion of leaving the EuroCorp fold.


PC Walkthrough from Official Tips

Start the mission with a persuadertron and at least two miniguns. There are four executives to be persuaded, but remember that the security forces guarding them will attack anyone with a weapon drawn.

There is also an unguided presence in the city centre, so keep your eye on anyone you persuade as they will be very prone to attack if you run off ahead of them.

Persuading a crowd of civilians, then persuading the security forces and any hostile unguided is probably the safest tactic, but not the easiest. This will also give you the peruadertron power needed to persuade the agents at the end of the mission.

When using the persuadertron, you will find it tough to get close to the enemy sometimes, as their bullets will be pushing you back; the solution is to run at them and if the start firing just put on your super shield, until they are persuaded.

Pick up the briefcases that are scattered in the blast.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Persuade executives of Yamaguchi.


To complete the blow against Yamaguchi, we are going to persuade some of his executives.


Training Mission #4.

The first executives are quite near. Walk past the entrance of the building and go to the doctor who is just arriving with his ambulance. Persuade him. A scientist more will make research go faster.

Now get inside with three agents, and leave the doctor behind with the agent that originally persuaded him. Kill the policemen guarding the target, and persuade the two executives. Group your 4 agents again as you step into the ambulance. Drive the car to the second target. Park the car before the building. Don't step out yet -- the car will protect us again. Take out the shooting policemen. They should know better than to attack a car with Uzi's.

Leave two agents behind -- they will protect the already persuaded executives. Get inside the narrow alleys between the buildings and kill the policemen. The two buildings contain two executives, but don't forget the Unguided that is wandering around in the alleys a little bit further away. She might surprise you and kill your executives before you can say hello. So take her out first.

Group your agents again, and get back in the car. Our last task is to kill some ex-EuroCorp agents (they are now obeying Yamaguchi). Park on the opening between the rocks, take your four agents and take out the three Yama-agents with your miniguns. Note that the persuaded executives will either help you if they got a chance to pick up a weapon, or they will stay behind your agents, protected by your agent's bodies. When your last target is killed, the Mission is a success. You don't even have to go back to an IML point.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New research: Razor Wire (if not unlocked)

New weapons: none, though Medikit and Psycho Gas are obtainable

Possible loot: 100k cr, 2x High Explosive, 1 Scientist, 3 Agents

You'll get 4 UZIs and 1 Mini-Gun at start, from Unguided. Persuade some Police officers - the ones in front of the bank only have UZIs, the ones guarding your targets closer to start point have miniguns, but you should capture them without issues if your leading agent has Body v1 mod.

Now you may want to handle the Unguided groups circling in the central area of the map. The one closer to the bank has 2x High Explosive.

For the Police at the bottom area, you should first trigger the ambush group - you don't even have to go up the ramp for that, it is enough to reach the bottom of the map on the floor area and they will spawn. Then you can go up the ramp, and either kill or persuade the cops. Watch out for an Unguided assassin there - she only has an UZI, but she can kill your targets if you're not careful.

Blow up bank and get money in two suitcases (50,000 credits each). When the bank goes down, 4 more cops will show at police station, this time with Miniguns; the best strategy is to wait for them at entrance, with Persuadertron equipped.

After that is done, get rid of remaining Unguided and perusade 3 Agents (they are unmodded, and only have UZIs and one Persuadertron).

Deal with the Zealots if you wish. They have Psycho Gas and Medikit, and will greet you with the gas when you go up the ramp.

Then complete the mission objective. You don't have to evacuate - after 4 civilians with suitcases are persuaded, and 3 Agents are either dead or persuaded, you're done.

When you ensure it's safe, perusade the Scientist which is running from a dead body to a car.

Additional hints

When you persuade Agents, and they survive until end of mission, you receive them with all their weapons.

Even though evac zone is marked in the briefing, you complete the mission as soon as the targets are either killed or persuaded.

Since you can't persuade the Zealots with the basic Persuadertron, you can use more brutal strategies against them. When you expect an ambush by them, good idea is to use one of your Agents to lure out the cultists into your ambush instead.

This is Beijing AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Scientist walking to a corpse

Unguided groups

Unguided ambush group

Zealots guarding their Church


Mission targets