DOSBox is a great solution when you're trying to start any MS-DOS program. It is written mainly for games, but any program compiled for DOS will run under it. I'm using it even when the program can work under NTVDM dos machine built in Windows.

Authors of this tool are mainly Qbix (Peter Veenstra), Harekiet (Sjoerd), Fanskapet (Tommy Frössman) and Finster (Ulf Wohlers).

Every DOS program works better under DOSBox.

SW running under DOSBox - Church campaing mission:
SW Church campaing mission screenshot

SW running under DOSBox - Load game screen:
SW Load game screen

DOSBox is a freeware open-source project. You can download and use it without any charges. If you're a programmer, you can even download its source code and help developing new versions.

Here is the site of this project, where you can find more information, and download the last version:

DOSBox project page at SourceForge

On any problems, see FAQ which is available on the project site. If you won't find your answer there, try on Official DOSBox Forum:

DOSBox forum on VOGONS

Note that instructions how to install Syndicate and Syndicate Wars are available in "New computers" sections of this site.