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March 05, 2012 - 02:44 PM
Ridrehnk Locherhugel

Hello, and thank you.

I appreciate all the work you invested in this page.

I never thought I'd stumble over such an impressive and complete library of Syndicate.

This game, as Syndicate Wars, was an inspiration for me in my youth.

And the games aged well. I still like to revisit them. As they still feel fresh.

The original syndicate was indeed one of my first PC games. I played it at
friend's, while I still got a C-64.

I hope your page will always be there.
As an sudden illness prevents my from
continuing my university career,
it cheers my up, to find old memories,
or guys, like you, with similar interests,
that find their way in life.

Make your chances count,
and may you find happiness.

All the best wishes,
and kind regards.

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