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June 13, 2009 - 03:47 PM

I'm absolutely amazed! Astonishing work! Beside of exploring this whole marvelous site, I've read all the guestbook's entries. None of them are negative. You certainly know what does it feel to make this kind of all-out effort. You've incredibly devoted yourself for this. That's why you'll have my lifelong respect.

I clearly remember times when I was very, very young and suddenly, out of nowhere, this game came into my dejecting daylight, or... As I should put it accordingly - mikry dusk. All the feelings it gave me are deeply contained within my whole mind and will be forever. They taught me how to be strong and objective in its utmost, in each life's situation. I know it sounds really strange... But it's all truth. Nothing more.

Once again, thanks for creating this site, Tom! I've spent so pleasant time while my rummage of this violet gloom of melancholy. Greetings!

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