First level now playable

I hearby declare that the first level of FreeSynd is now playable. To celebrate this milestone I have made release 0.1. You can download it here. This is an all-in-one package. It includes: binaries for Linux, binaries for Windows, source code and all the required data files. If you would prefer to get the source from CVS, use the tag: release_0_1.

We still need lots of help. If you find a bug, please report it in the bug tracker. If you can run the original game in dosbox, have a go at figuring out what particular bytes in the GAME??.DAT files do (you'll need to decompress it first). If you can program in C++, check out the source code, fix some bugs or implement some features.

-- Trent Waddington


Believe it or not, development has started again. Open Source is a funny thing, sometimes people get so excited about what they can do that they don't do anything. Other times they find they are just overcomitted and can not seem to find the time to do anything significant. I like to think that every little bit counts, so here's my little bit. In the last couple of days I have implemented all the menus which one could say make up half the game. I've also written a map renderer, so soon we can start on the other half of the game. However, if I get distracted by work, family, or other projects, I expect someone else to pick up where I left off. Let's aim for a 2013 release date, 20 years to the day of the original game's release date!

-- Trent Waddington

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