※ DirectX3 Compatibility (for full information, or on any unknown circumstances corresponding the drivers, please contact your hardware manufacturer.)

System requirements (必要動作環境)
OS Version Windows 95 Japanese
CPU At least Pentium/100MHz
(Not guaranteed to work on non-Intel CPUs.)
Memory (メモリ) At least 16MB
HDD 90MB or more
CD-ROM drive At least 4X
Graphics (グラフィック) DirectX 3 compatible video capabilities
Sound (サウンド) DirectX 3 compatible features of Windows 95
(DirectX 3対応のWindows 95コンパチブルサウンド機能)
Other (その他) Keyboard (キーボード), mouse (マウス)
Peripheral devices
DirectX 3's DirectSound support it sound card
(DirectX 3のDirectSoundをサポートしているサウンドカード)

Before purcheasing this product, please make sure that your system meets all the operating environment requirements.

Higher requrements have to be met in ordet to play the multiplayer game.

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