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Letter of appointment (辞令)

Congratulations on your promotion to the status of executive.
You have been granted with UTOPIA network access level 9.
(UTOPIA ネットワークへのアクセスかなった君をエグゼクティブに任命する。)

People of UTOPIA have all neural chips directly connected to their brains.
The chips are controlled by the organization that was able to dominate the world 95 years ago - the EuroCorp (ユーロコープ).
But now, a new force beyond science is found with the rise of a myserious religious organization called Church of the New Epoch (新世紀教会). UTOPIA chip are malfunctioning and the syndicate is emergent from domination by rioting citizens.

This disordered world awaits your intervention.
"The organization's prosperity, world domination," it is the task for you to achieve.

Both of the organizations may fall into your hands. Make your choice.

To carry out every mission, you've been granted with a special status.
You are authorized to eliminate and control citizens, and use destruction as much as you consider neccessery.

However, if by misuse of your assets and agents you will lose ability to perform missions, your resignation from will be tendered immediately.
You will be expected to auto-euthanise as soon as your resignation has been accepted, to prevent any compromise of security.
In this case, an euthanasia device enclosed with the package will automatically become operational.
Should you fail in this duty, you will be immediately classed for neutralization.

We feel confident that your skills and integrity will ensure that this state of affairs will never arise.

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